Advice on a seachange to Merimbula

Hi there,
I am hoping to get some advice on Merimbula as a possible sea change for my family.
As a child my grandparents owned holiday unit and lived out their retirement years in Merimbula it was always a fantastic place to come for a holiday.
So what's it really like to live there ?
Our children are 3 and 5 what are the local schools like ?
My husband and I would need to leave our current jobs I am a registered nurse and he has retail sales experience as well as forklift license would jobs be difficult to come by ?
I know I'm asking a lot of questions but if anyone has been in a similar situation and made the move please let me know any advice appreciated ?.

Thank you
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KaTra 2yrs+
Merimbula has a typical range of shops for a regional centre so I don't think your husband would have difficulty finding a retail job unless he is looking for a specific shop.

Did you want to stay in a nursing job? The closest hospital to Merimbula is in Pambula only 9 minutes drive away, I think it is quite small so there might not be many opportunities there. If you are willing to commute further 25 minutes there is a private and public hospital in the town of Bega.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of
RobinJ He has been 13 years in supermarkets in Victoria and 5 years as a sales rep I agree with you though might be a difficult place to find work. I would want to stay in nursing thanks for the link
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