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"Gourmet country town"

Milawa has to be a foodie's paradise. It is about a three hours' drive from Melbourne City and seven to eight hours from Sydney. It is a great place to stopover on the way to the Victorian ski fields. In Milawa, you can find gourmet food of all types. From Brown Brothers' wines to the famous Cheese Factory, bakery and independent gourmet food stores.

The Milawa Cheese factory is a great pit stop when you are in Milawa. They offer an exciting cheese platter that is really reasonably priced and they offer free tastings of their cheeses. The cafe in the factory also serves pies, coffees and teas. Another great place to stop by in Milawa is the famous Brown Brothers wineries (although there are a few other wineries around the region too). As with other wineries, Brown Brothers offer free tastings at their cellar door. If you like your gourmet food, you have to pay Milawa a visit when you are next in Victoria.

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