Moe, Morwell, Newborough or Warragul?

Im looking to buy a house around moe, newborough, morwell or warragul. I work from home, my 19 yo son also does, but I want to be close enough to transport for working in melbourne. I like having the convenience of shops, hate traffic, like to have a yard big enough to grow my own vegies. Want to move somewhere safe enough to walk the dogs. Need to have fast broadband for work. Let me know what you think the best town to live is and why thanks :)
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Hi Rach,
I've been looking around Moe/Morewell/ Traralgon for an investment property.
I have not invested yet, but hoping to soon.

In my personal opinion and from what I've seen on the ground:
I would stick clear of Morewell, the town didn't present that well, it also seems quite disjointed with the centre of town and then the shopping centre being a few km's away.
Traralgon was nice, as everyone knows this is the largest out of the three towns. However, it did have quite a bit of hustle and bustle about it, depending on what people are looking for this may be a benefit or a negative.
I really liked Moe and it was a good mix. The town centre presented well, it was all located centrally and wasn't too spread out (easy to walkthrough). There seemed to be ample parking as well. I also feel the Moe is on the rise with buyers/investors being priced out of Warragul/ Drouin and Moe is the next major township down the M1. I was able to drive through on the weekend and what I also really liked about Moe what the number of young families playing in the parks/gardens. There were kids playing in the playgrounds/dogs running off-leash where permitted.

As I understand from research online, Moe/Newborough have a number of greenfield development on the way in the outter ring approved areas (refer to the structure plan available online). These sites would increase the population in Moe - which would further improve the council's investment into the area and increased business moving into the town.

IMO Moe is gentrifying well and could become a terrific township in the future.

What is your opinion of the four towns you've listed?

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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