Mount Mee, QLD 4521

3.6(2 reviews)

Great for

  • Clean & green
  • Lack of traffic
  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Parking
  • Peace and quiet

Not great for

  • Childcare
  • Medical facilities
  • Public transport
  • Nightlife
  • Shopping options

Who lives here?

  • Retirees
  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families With Kids
  • Tourists

Reviews of Mount Mee, QLD

"Best place"

Of all the places i have lived this is the place i miss most! My husband and I moved to mt mee when we were 19 and left 4 years ago at 21.

Great for

  • Quiet
  • Friendly
  • Lovely place to be

Not great for

  • Roads are not great
  • Watch for cows on road
  • Unreliable mail delivery

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • Country Lovers
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"The Good Life...."

Mt Mee is about 90 minutes drive from Brisbane and the road winds its way through some pretty glorious scenery. The little village of Dayboro on the way through is worth a stop and poke around with some world famous sausages to be found at the local butchers. Wineries and Alpaca Farms are just some of the quaint little stops on the way to Mt Mee, but the true beauty of the place is the view from the Mount. The thrusting figures of the Glasshouse Mountains feel so close, one could almost reach out and touch one and the lights of both Brisbane and the Sunny Coast are bewitching at night.
Of course, there's bugger all in the way of retail up there, but for a day trip or a weekend away, it's truly delightful.

Who lives here?

  • Retirees
The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of

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