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"Remote settlement servicing stations in the area."

Murchison is often described as a “Shire with no Town” as the area is made of 29 stations. These stations pull their income from cattle and sheep producing meat and wool. The population of the area is around 160 residents spread out over the area. There is a settlement site which serves the Murchison community. The Settlement is on the Carnarvon-Mullewa Road where there is an administration centre, staff housing, a roadhouse, which has fuel, take away food and emergency groceries, a caravan park and museum , five polo crosse fields, cricket pitch, floodlit tennis courts, childrens playground and horse stables. There is the Murchison Sportsmans Club where locals from the properties around gather for sporting events, family days, fund raising, workshops and meetings. There are events held regularly and at Christmas there is a Christmas tree and a get together. There are many natural attraction around the area, some easy to drive to whilst others may require a 4 wheel drive. People traveling in this area should make sure they have ample fuel, water and emergency equipment. And be advised that mobile phone services are not good and signal may not available in all areas. The climate is very warm with summer temperatures well over the 30 degree mark. The nearest school is Pia Wadjarri Remote Community School and all other students use distance education methods.

Who lives here?

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