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"Quiet lifestyle with plenty of wildlife"

Napperby township is a small area nestled beneath the Flinders Ranges with great views of Spencer Gulf. All around are farms, hobby farms and rural living blocks of land, all of which are no smaller than 5 acres. The township has a Primary School (with swimming pool), a large play park with toilets, barbecues, town water and plenty of shade. There are also school buses which run from Napperby into the various schools in Port Pirie. The only down side is that there are no shops or services except for a public telephone.

Around the township up towards the ranges is the Old Scout Camp which is also part of Napperby Gorge. It's a national park with an easy track along the creek which gets a bit harder towards the waterfall. Going the other direction you are only minutes from Port Pirie and many beautiful beaches and fishing spots.

If you travel north you will come to Nelshaby Creek Reserve which is an excellent place for walking and also finding bush tucker. There are loads of quandong trees throughout the area. And if you keep going north for a few more minutes you will come to Telowie Gorge National Park. A stunning place to bushwalk and watch rare and endangered yellow-footed rock wallabies. Napperby is very close to nature.

My piece of land is just off Gulf View Road and has Napperby Creek running through it. My husband and I have owned it for over two years and have made some improvements to it. We would try to get there over the weekends to get away from it all. There are lots of really big, old river red gums lining the creek providing plenty of shelter for local wildlife. Through the area are many different species of parrots, plus owls, magpies, emus and the occasional kite. We also have kangaroos come through and loads of different kinds of lizards all through the land. The sunrises and sunsets are really beautiful and the views of the Flinders Ranges and Spencer Gulf are lovely. One problem is that it can be windy at times with the gully breezes, but they usually cool things down.

It is a very quiet area, great for retirees, families and couples wanting to start something really special in their life. A truly beautiful area to get away to, with friendly neighbours, but still very close to all the services you could possibly want or need.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees

Flinders ranges is semi arid, harsh yet beautiful. Several small areas in Flinders Ranges are protected as National Parks. There are many unique features here including gorges, ramparts and the dry creekbeds.

Luvino Ah sui
Luvino Ah sui

Good morning, just a quick question please whats it like in raining seasons . We are looking of purchasing a property in the same area.
Thank you

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