What is the internet service like in New Beith?

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CleanGreen 2yrs+
I have lived in New Beith for 12 years; If you use telstra internet its expensive but we have TPG which you can't get in Munruben or Flagstone, and it costs $39/month for 50Gb allowance which is basically unlimited and
you can get speeds of up 1.5mbs, so overall its pretty good and very cheap. If you want to know what places in new beith are best to live in feel free to ask as I know nearly every street.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.
picklednerd Would like to know best and worst streets in New Beith please (and why). Also, how long do you think it would take to drive to Rocklea for work? Hows the public transport? Cheers!!
CleanGreen1 Sorry for slow reply I forgot password and had to make a new account. I drive to uni along Beaudesert road most days and Rocklea is 34 minutes for no traffic or peak 7-8:45am & 3-5:30pm= around 45 minutes. New Beith has public transport to most schools and even some private schools, but no general public transport. The closest is the new park/ride at park ridge with secure parking. Best streets, I do 100km per week of bike riding as I am training for an event so I have a decent idea of good & bad streets. Don't consider any where along pub lane or any street that backs directly onto it as there is hooning at night as its a long, straight road. Teviot Downs is by far the best in New Beith, as New Beith Forest and Spring Mountain are a bit far away and I fairly regularly hear of break ins and see burnt out cars in the area, plus I always get chased by vicious dogs in these two areas. Additionally, best streets in Teviot Downs: Horseshoe crescent, one of my family friends is actually selling a really nice house in the street at the moment for a good price and it backs onto a nature reserve with black kockatoos, King Parrots and is really quiet plus has good views of Tamborine mountain; I have been to this house twice before for get togethers. Horseshoe crescent was also the very first street in Teviot Downs and has older people generally 40-60 year old people which seem like more friendly people than other streets. Wallaby Way in Teviot Downs is also nice as it has mountain views and good quality homes & Equestrian Drive which like Horseshoe crescent is one of the older areas but has nicer people, good mountain views and are some of the closest streets to the Greenbank Plaza (less than 2km away) doctors,dentist, one of the best bakeries, woolworths and many others. There are a few other goods streets in New Beith but these 3 are the best; any other questions feel free to ask.
SharonP2 Hi what is Grapple close area like
Am looking at a house there for sale ATM
Thank you
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