Why am I suddenly getting knocked back for rentals

The last time we moved into a new rental we were newly married and just pregnant. We have had 2 children in the 3 years we have lived in our current rental and our real estate are quite open with telling us we are great tenants. We pay our rent and keep at least 2 weeks in advance at all times and are active with maintenance issues we need to take care of and ones that the owner needs to be notified of. We want to move closer to my husband's work so he doesn't have to commute 1hr each way every day but keep getting passed over for rentals we apply for. Not too long ago we were the tennants you couldn't pass over and now they don't even call our references. The only change is the kids and I know they would never say it outright since it's illegal not to rent to someone just because they have kids but what the? How do we get past this hurdle so we can get into something decent? Some tips from agents would be really helpful!
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