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"Mining town with great community spirit"

Newman is 1186 kms from Perth and is in the Pilbara region. This is a mining town and relies heavily from this industry for it economy. The town is rather modern and despite its desert location has been ‘beautified’ by the mining company with the planting and care of thousands of shrubs. With a population of around 5000 Newman serves two mines and has an excellent shopping centre with supermarkets and specialty stores for all your needs and there are restaurants and tavern serving good meals at affordable prices. There is a primary and secondary school in Newman as well as a catholic college which caters for students from K -12 and there is a pre primary and child care facilities. The town has a medical centre and fully equipped modern hospital. There is plenty to do in the way of sport with many local clubs and associations using the golf course, swimming pool, playing fields for most sports and the tennis courts. As with many other towns in W.A. lately, property prices have gone up and are now at the same level as the eastern states. Rental prices too have risen but shopping around could find you a bargain.

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Sorry pah123 but you have lead people up the road with your comment. Having lived locally in Newman for over 6 years you are way off base. to set people straight Newman is nothing like the above comment except that it is a long way from Perth and driven by the mining sector. It is a dirty dusty hot place to live with temperatures over 40 degrees every day for 6 months of the year. There is one small shopping centre with a Woolworths, pharmacy, Bankwest, Sky building society, Rockmans, a coffee shop (currently closed), subway & chicken treat and a Chinese shop for takeaway and a Retravision. There are two primary schools and a high school, no catholic college. 2 daycare centres which will cost you tour entire wage. Eating out is expensive as is a trip to the doctors if you can get an appointment with one of the two doctors servicing over 8000 people. The hospital requires an upgrade and the community complains about this constantly. If anything major happens you will be flown to Port Hedland. There is also a large FIFO community which should be considered in your decisions in moving to a mining town as this community of people impacts on the local community services with additional pressure which in turn drives up prices on everything. This is a town where people come for one reason and that is the $$$ so don't expect a warm fuzzy community vibe. While some people try to make the most of it others are more interested in gossiping and bringing everyone else down around them. It is good while your kids are young but there is nothing for teenagers to do and they can often go astray through boredom. Education standards are well below the national average at all schools which can be seen on the myschool website.


hi i have read your comment and have some questoins, My partner and i are looking at come there as he has been offered a good job, We currently live in a tiny town in gove NT, how ever want a change, I just wanted to no if there are many things to do here on your days of for a young couple with no kids. We are looking for good friends BBQ's and camping and also the acasonal road trip. i just want to no if its going to much like here, were you find yourself bored on your days of with no were to go and nothing to do but drink :S lol
please help me with some insite because i dont want to make a bad move for our relationship. And thanks for the Honest comment.

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