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"I would not do it again"

we lived here for a year on wyndham st next to the most horrible nosy neighbours ever. On the othersode was a day care where nosy neighbour worked so we had no peace. She would call our landlord and call us names to our landlord etc. We never threw any parties, we never made noise of any kind except vacuuming and mowing etc. We had alot of crime in the area and if we had not had a full 6ft fence I think we would have had more trouble. We used to have people jump our fence and hide in our yard if the coppers were looking for them etc. Our car alarm used to go off alot and people used to mark our house for dog napping.. Thanks but no thanks.. North Ipswich can keep itself.

I dont recommend this area for anyone unless you grew up there and its all old news to you. We came in from the darling downs and it was a shock.. we thought the darling downs was bad.. we loved in newtown and brassall too both of which were a lot better than north ipswich.

Also, look at the crime maps for the area.. you will soon see what I mean..

If you are renting keep away from the Professionals/Thornton Realestate.. just a heads up..

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  • Dog napping
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"North Ipswich"

I live on one of the busier roads (Waterworks) so traffic noise is bit of a problem. We get hoons doing burn outs around our corner & loud trucks passing. Another problem with living on a busy road is that people seem to throw a lot of litter on our footpath! Drives me crazy.
Some of the houses in North Ipswich are very tired looking, but the renovated Queenslanders are lovely. Hopefully in the years to come more & more homes will be restored.
Apart from that it is affordable & close to the highway for Brisbane access, and only a short drive to Riverlink & the CBD.

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"lots happening in north ippy"

I have lived in North Ipswich for 2 years now and so far we are pretty happy with it.
There are lots of facilities - schools (public and private), the new Riverlink shopping centre, with medical centre just built, dentists, massage therapy, doctors, car wash, parks (newly refurbished). There are now plenty of places to eat out at the food court and restaurants at Riverlink with rumour saying a few other big name restaurants should be opening there soon.
Most of the houses around here are well kept, range in age from queenslander/colonial style right up to a few rendered brick new ones here and there. Block sizes are usually generous although some poeple are starting to subdivide. But you can still get ones right up to 800-1000m2 + for a reasonable price.

The highway is close by so if you go off peak you can get to Brisbane City in about 40 mins, but on peak may take you up to twice that. But only a stones throw i.e 2 min from Ipswich City which is fastly getting more and more things so trip to Brisbane aren't required that much.
We feel safe here, I leave all the windows open all the time and don't know of anyone having any trouble security wise,

Overall its a great place especially if you have a family, lots going on here and I think in years to come will be the most expensive suburbs in Ipswich. Get in while you can!

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"Great suburb to raise your family"

I have lived here for nearly 10 yrs, and absolutely love North Ipswich. My neighbours are freidnly, will feed my dogs when I am gone and take in my bins if I forget.
It is a quiet suburb, yet has close access to the highway (but not any highway noise) and also close to the centre of Ipswich. With Riverlink Shopping centre going in, we now have everything we need retail wise, plus a new medical centre, gym and more shops and restaurants popping up every day.
The local council are revamping old parks such as Brown's Park, to make them a great place to take your kids or have a BBQ with your family, and there are two off leash dog parks close by aswell. The local council are also very quick to act if you have any concern.
There are also plenty of primary schools (both public and private) within/ very close to North Ipswich, and it is very close to some of the regions most prestigious Grammar schools (i.e 5 min drive). There are bus lines all throughout North Ipswich, which can take you to the train only 5 mins away in Ipswich.
All in all a great place to live, I am proud to say I live here, and with all that it is very affordable to buy here aswell.

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"Older suburb with tons of Character"

Being 1 of Ipswich's older suburb,it is know for its workers cottages, coloinals and Qld'ers. Plus the RiverLink shopping precint is just down the road.

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