Has anyone had any problems with fixed packages in light view?

Hi, Just curious has anyone bought a house and land package in lightsveiw, north gate and did they have any issues in relation to the build with additional costs or delays etc. I am looking to build and buy next month and I am highly interested in this area. I live in Sydney at the moment
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MichaelM5 2yrs+
Depends on the particular builder that the fixed house and land package is through.

To give you an idea of my experiences-

The first home we bought as a house and land package (turn key) -

Signed contracts and oaid deposit in dec 2012. Settlement was then delayes and continouslt delayed until june 2013. Slab went down in august and hand over was in Early April. The process dod drag out considerably considering everything was fixed, finance approved and no variations....

2nd house - signed contracts in October 2013, settlement in decemeber 2013. Unfortunfortunately the slab did not go down until march 2014. The house will be finished in march 2015.

It is a long and frustrating process which you have to be prepared for with any new build; howevee, it does get extremely frustrating when you drive past site, day after day consecutively and nothing at all has happened. This is very common through ubless you have a fixed build time which you end up paying a premium for and sometimes ends up costing you in the end with the quality of you finished house.

Building in lightslightsview is definitely beneficial long term, as long as you dont over capitalize on your build. The house prices in the area have continued to appreciate through the econmic downturn and their is still a high number of investors/FOB's wishing to make the most of the area.

I woukd definitely recommend the area for a new home with all the added conveniences of location, parks, lifestyle and value.
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