Is Northgate a safe area?

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Hi Jude, you obviously are offended by what i have said and have taken a personal vendetta on me.
i have merely expressed my opinion which i have gaoned through my own personal experiences. That is what this site is all about. If you dont like it dont be apart of it.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

If your are looking to buy lamd and build i would strongly recommend contacting Tim Ferrier who is a local real estate agent.
He is in contact with most of the builders/developers so he might be able to give you some extra advise and options.
He was great when he sold our home and also helped my parents when they were looking.

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Northgate itself is a very safe area. This is obviously dictated by the fact that there is currently no housing trust in the area, mostly owner occupiers and also the fact that rentals in the area are mlre pricier than some of the lower sociodemographic areas.

In being honest however, there are a suburbs bordering northgate which are not as 'safe'
Northfield is the worst. It is oozing with housing trust and some very derilict homes. Northfield is currently under gentrification with subdivision and redevolopment but has a long way to go.

Greenachres is similar to Northfield but on the southern side of lightsview. Greenachres however is slightly more developed with about 50% of the suburb redevelopment.

When i lived in lightsview i always made sure i didnt drive my guest in from redward avenue as it is pretty ferrall looking with delapidated premises along a substantial amount.


When you lived in lights view did you always feel safe in the neighbourhood or was there any crime seeping in from the surrounding areas you mentioned? I am looking to build there this year and safety for myself as a single female is paramount. Is it safe at night? Are there a lot of young professionals living in the area?


Don't worry, Redward Avenue is in Greenacres (correct spelling) and does not bound inside of Lightsview (correct spelling, also). It is very safe at night. Just stick in the Lightsview and Northgate area, and you'll be fine. What do you mean by young professionals. No man is out there to grab and kidnap you.

We have two housing trust homes next to our house (The Promenade) and I have Think you will find that almost every street in Northgate has at least one housing SA house.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

Yes the area itself is very safe within.
My wife always felt safe enough when she went on her runs however she always steered clear of those 2 suburbs i mentioned.

There are definitelt quite a few professionals in the area; however, since leaving the area o have noticed quite a high number of 'Nras' rentals available on the rental market. I would make sure that the block you buy is adjacent too many of the NRAS homes as you nay have problem with the tenants etc.

The waterford section and the side closer to fosters is the better part.


I do not agree with your assumption that people who live in NRAS Housing you may have a problem with? Just because some people have an income lower than $100,000 a year does not make them bogans or as you say 'people you should watch out for'. Maybe you should go back to school and learn how to spell and write English and stop putting people in a box?

No, not a personal vendetta against you at all. I am merely stating a fact. You assumed everyone who rents NRAS Properties is below your standard, I find that very offensive, and you should not assume all people on low incomes are all bad people. Your comment I find offensive.


You're taking what i have said put of context. I'm not going to waste anymore time trying to explain myself. Enjoy your NRAS ;-) i have nothing against you.

Hey, hey, hey! What's going on about this argument? North just wanted to ask if Northgate was safe, and MichaelM5 wanted to explain if it was safe or not. Jude didn't like the comment, so wanted to take advantage. If that's what happened, Jude, you went too far! Jude. Honestly, if you don't like or can't take what people have to express about, then leave Homely! It is as simple as that! End of conversation.


Wow, Jude you should leave this site you're a joke.

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