Is Oately multi-cultural? Is it a welcoming community or very clicky?

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pyjamallama Oct 15, 2018
Hi - it's getting increasingly multicultural (I grew up in Oatley West and now live here in my 30s). In particular, there's an increasing amount of Asian/Indian residents (but also other cultures). I now see ladies with hijabs, whereas I never saw them growing up. There are restaurants with lots of different cuisines (Lebanese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian) so that increases the sense of multiculturalism. Regarding community, it's a welcoming community, provided you go out and engage with people. If you smile at people when walking along the street, they'll smile back. I've gotten a lot closer to my neighbours over the last couple of years just by stopping and having a chat with them. I've previously lived in the Eastern suburbs and hated how clicky it was - Oatley is nothing like that. There are other suburbs which are more multicultural and have more of a community feel (say, some areas in the Inner West), but Oatley definitely does well on both counts.
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Liu Gloria
Liu Gloria Yes, absolutely agree!! I also live here and feel the people are very friendly!! Whenever you do shopping or take meals in the shopping villages, people are smiling to you, feel the sense of belonging. Feel good and happy in Oatley^^
Mar 25, 2019
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