Oriana Street, Belmont, WA 6104

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Reviews of Oriana Street, Belmont

"absolutely shocking"

it was a horrible experince to live on this street and just downright embarassing, every second house looks as if it is occupied by lower social economic people. Although there is one respectible house on the street with beautiful gardens, too bad its next to the worst set of units on the street.
(dead grass/plants) absolutely shameful. definetely not an area where you would want to raise children or even live for that matter.

Who lives here?

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Definately not the best spot in Belmont. Close to industry and commercial businesses. Other parts of Belmont would be good places to purchase an old house on a full size block for investment purposes to rent out now and develop later. The reality is that these suburbs are centrally located and a financially viable option. Currently, many of the older premises are being demolished and new houses being constructed. I think this may be a location to watch for growth in the next 5 years.


they are older acient time homes so you'll need Dale Alfred Cock to renovate it.The last time I saw a brand new AUDI was parked in front of these houses.


old houses are made of asbestos and hazardous Den.To develop a block into a house not just houses need$$$.These block with older hse just got landvalue only and the building depreciates anually.You can buy the block if it's with a free house on it.Are you a developer or a builder ?Even if you rent it out , do you know wht the maintenance cost?Pls do your sum first and then give d right advice next time .

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