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"Great spot."

We've loved here for 15 years. Thee has been plenty if change over the years as new home developments are rolled out. As the population has grown the facilities have been opened. This now means there is a new Woolies a couple of years ago and a new Coles opening soon. Access to brisbane is easiest via the actress train from Ormeau Station. It's $8 each way and 55 minutes. The freeway can be hit and miss depending on congestion. Expect a little over an hour in peak hour. Access to the gold coast is easy too. Typically 30-40 minutes depending in where you're going.
The suburb is safe and has a local feel. Home turnover is fairly slow as most people seem to stay once they've arrived.
There's plenty of walking paths and parks. Be aware that the suburb varies a fair bit. There are a big range of home, block sizes and views. Islandview Terrace and the approach road Sir Charles Holm Dr have spectacular views of the ranges and Stradbroke Island.
It's a bargain of an area for what's available in the upper end of the property market.
Overall it's a safe great spot.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
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