What are people living in Peppermint Grove really like?

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james12 2yrs+
As a new resident to Peppermint Grove I can say that if you aren't from the area you can really be ostracised. I recently moved to Perth from the UK and I set up house on Keane Street.

The houses are big, the streets are clean and the people are as artificial as their front lawns.

I remember the first night I moved in I decided to take a walk down to the Esplanade and cut via View Street. As I was walking along the path I noticed two typical "Western burbs housewives" they very blatantly stopped talking as I approached and turned their heads as I walked past towards my direction.

They may not be used to seeing people of certain colour walking through their beloved neighbourhood but it is downright ignorant of them. It's very clear that they live in their own little self-absorbed warped world of self-importance. The men in the neighbourhood are all very polite when greeting whilst passing in the street. Maybe the "housewives" have a bee in their bonnet because they had to do undesirable things to secure a rich husband. Like all properly exclusive suburbs. The man makes the cash so the wife can flaunt her pretentions.
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.
kevfev @james12

Hey James12. I'm currently residing in Melbourne.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on your move to Perth from the UK. I'm sure you have settled in well.

Secondly, I've noticed that you have settled for Peppermint Grove in Perth. From what I have read, yes Peppermint Grove is one of Australi's- if not, Perth's- most expensive suburb.

From my own experience, wealthy individuals come from all walks of life. I've been through Melbourne's most expensive suburb, Toorak, for lunch and did not have any issue at all. I also visited one of Sydney's excluse Eastern harbour suburbs in Double Bay for lunch as well. No issues there- not bad for someone born in Australia with a Chinese background!

People who technically flaunt their wealth are in my opinion, insecure and uncomfortable. There are some lovely wealthy people who are humble and secure and do not need to show off their material possessions.

Of course, if people have worked hard to achieve their ultimate dream or goal, they are more than deserving of a splurge- within reasonable limits!

Sorry to hear about your recent experiences within the suburb- you get ignorant pretentious wealthy individuals. Don't worry. I'm sure there are some decent and lovely rich poeple around.

OK, I need your opinion for this question. I am an Australian born Chinese citizen. Should I get my stash of riches one way or the other and contemplating Peppermint Grove will I be accepted by the other wealthy residents?

Many thanks.
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The only main trait is that they're all very wealthy! I attended Cottesloe Primary School and each family was different. You do get a lot of stuck-up parents, but then you also get a lot of hands on mothers who just want to be involved in their child's life.
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