Post Office Street, Carlingford, NSW 2118

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"Becoming a concrete jungle with illegal dumping"

There are very few houses left in this street as they are replaced with high rise apartments. The problem is dis-used household items are being illegally dumped outside apartments on a regular basis and can remain in the street for weeks or even months. Residents are also illegally dumping shopping trolleys in the street. I counted over 20 one day, they are like a virus in this area. The illegal dumping makes the area look untidy and indicates some locals don 't care about their area or community. Although it's great the footpath is now sealed almost the entire street, the shade is less with the small trees. Junk mail can also be lying all over the place outside a couple of the apartments which needs to be managed better.

The street is safe to walk at any time, fairly quiet and parking is easy. A few people in the area insist on not keeping left when you pass them but this is happening in a number of areas of Sydney. The local construction combined with dry weather is also making a lot of dust in the area. The street is used as a link between Pennant Hills Rd and Jenkins Street which can be good and bad, but at least it's not very noisy. The street is handy to local shops, medical services, public transport and parks in the area. Storm water drainage is good. NBN has recently been installed. It's handy to local schools which have a good reputation.

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