Outlook for Redbank Plains for investment property from 2018 onwards

I am considering to invest my first IP in Redbank Plains within the Edens Crossing estate with building 4/2/2 house. Since I am in VIC, I am limited with my understanding of the area in terms of how the rental market goes for the area, a realistic rent that could be received for a newly built 4/2/2 house so that I could have my numbers close to the reality. Id greatly appreciate if someone who is local/know the area well could please shed some light on the above.
Also I am hearing that the train station is 6 years away however the Ipswich council chair, has announced that Redbank Plains can not wait for the completion of the cross river rail project to finish and thus will be bringing the Redbank Plains station plan forward given the number of people are moving into RBP each quarter. Is this true or anything that you may know about this?
Historically and even when one sees the current numbers for Redbank Plains may say that it still has some good number of years to go to gain its popularity. However, if one considers everything that happening within the suburb since mid 2017 onwards and whats to come would you say RBP stands out as a good Investment opportunity?
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ellef Jun 27, 2019
Hi Malayk
I am interested to know if you went ahead with an investment property on the Edens Crossing estate? We are also looking at a 4/2/2 house through a company called Compass Property Investing built by Fortitude Homes. Did you deal with either of these companies at any point and what was the outcome of your decision?
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The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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