Richmond drug issue - Should I leave or stay ? will it impact house prices

Me and my husband have been living in Richmond for 7 years. We love the place as it is quiet and our neighbors are wonderful. I dont have the need to drive as everything is so close by and I am in the city within 10 mnts by train. We can if we want to walk to MCG and so many tram options.
However, for the first time I came across 2 people trying to shoot drugs on our street, close to my house and it bothers me. Its not that the druggies have ever physically or verbally harmed me in anyway, but I am worried that Richmond will be noted as a drug hot spot and the house prices will be impacted. Last thing we want is an injection room close to our house.
Am I being worried for nothing ? We are in a delima whether to renovate or sell and move
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