What daytime activities does the senior citizens club in East Ringwood run?

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Hi Kailee,

Below is a current list of regular activities offered for senior citizens clubs based around Ringwood.

If you need any further information on any of the activities listed below, please contact
Barbara Tibb (Co-ordinator of Convenors) Tel 9876 6181

BICYCLE GROUP: Convenor Marie Aaltonen 0424586481. Meet weekly. Click on Walk/Bike Times

BOCCE (Social): Convenor Luigi Mioni (Leo) 9870 1512. Played on the Oval adjacent to our Club Room (October to March).

BRIDGE (SOCIAL) Convenor Brenda Robertson 9879 2274 Meets in the EPR Studio each Monday from 12.30 pm to 3.30 pm and at the Ringwood East Senior Citizens Centre Laurence Grove each Wednesday at 12.30 pm. New members very welcome.

“4C’S” CARAVAN AND CABIN OUTINGS : The Convenor is different for each outing. See EVENTS for details of the next outing and the name of the current Convenor. We usually have outings in March, May and October each year within a four hour travel time from Melbourne. To see pictures of past outings click here

CARD MAKING GROUP: This activity is about making cards for all occasions, not playing cards. They meet every 2nd and 4th Thursday in the month in the EPR studio. For details contact Convenor Irene Pomeroy 9725 6084

CARDS (HAND AND FOOT): There are seven Groups who meet in members’ homes. For details contact Barbara Tibb Co-Ordinator of Convenors 9876 6181

CONCERT GROUP (EPR FAB ENTERTAINERS): Convenors June Ginger 9870 3342
or John Bennetts 9842 6826. To see pictures and further information click here

CRAZY WHIST: Convenors Lois Hewson 9873 5171 and Marlene Watts 9807 0165
See EVENTS for details.

DAY BUS TRIPS: Convenor Marlene Barrah 9874 5410. See EVENTS for details of next outing

MAHJONG: Convenor Barbara Tibb 9876 6181. Played on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month in the EPR Studio between 2 pm and 4 pm.
New members very welcome

OUT AND ABOUT AND SPECIAL EVENTS :Run by members of the Social Group who organize various Outings and Special Events throughout the year. The Chairman of the Social Group is Leo Mioni 9870 1512. See the current Newsletter under NEWSLETTERS for details, as well as under EVENTS) To see pictures of past outings and events click here

PA TUAN CHIN EASY EXERCISE CLASS: Convenor John Tzinis 9870 1441
These are weekly classes for breathing and easy to perform exercises. The benefits would suit people with high blood pressure, heart ailments and nervous disorders.

PATCHWORK (Machine): Convenor Glenis Graham 9720 1560.

POETS’ CORNER: Convenor Lynne Main 9723 5580. Group members meet to read and discuss poetry. Some members bring poetry that they have written. To see some of these poems click on POETS’ CORNER POEMS on the blue menu above.

RED HATTERS GROUP: Convenor Pauline Ruse (Queen Sheba) 9729 7989. (Women wear red hats and purple clothes) The Red Hatters have outings to Restaurants etc To see more information and pictures click here

SINGING GROUP: Convenor Ray Stolz and Pianist 9735 0026. Sing for Fun. No auditions. We are not a choir! We meet each Thursday in the EPR Studio from 10.30 until 12 pm for a sing-along around the piano. No commitment to attend each week. $1 fee to cover photo copying etc. All welcome.

STRETCH ‘n FLEX: Convenor Keith Brindley 9729 4171 These are light exercise classes using a “Stretch Band” and some Yoga techniques

TABLE TENNIS: Convenor Derek Elmer 9726 5613. We play each Wednesday night in the Studio at 7.30pm

TAI CHI CLASSES: Convenor John Tzinis 9870 1441. Held in the EPR Studio from 7.30am to 8.30am every Wednesday. If interested please call John.

TAP DANCING (Ruth’s EPR Tappers): Convenor Ruth Blackbourn 041 817 9067 to see pictures click here

WALKING GROUP: Convenor Maureen Priest 9722 9545. We walk each Tuesday Morning. Click on WALK/BIKE TIMES on the blue menu above, to see times and locations

WINE APPRECIATION GROUP: Convenor Peter Booth 9873 4470.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.Report

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