Best surburbs to live in Rockhampton?

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Not sure how old this question is but felt the need to respond in case people visit in the future. I have lived in Rockhampton region for 16 years and wouldnt recommend Berserker as per above comment at all (sorry!) Best suburbs in terms of facilities, security/rate of crime, property investment and yield are as follows: The Range (Southside of the Fitzroy river, close to hospital, shopping complex, schools (catholic, private and multiple public options) and full of gorgeous old Queenslanders done up with picket fences, gardens and rolling hills). Frenchville (I own a property here and can attest to very little crime, a lovely family friendly neighbourhood and close to parks and walking track. Located on the Northside of the Fitzroy River, a 5 min drive to the major shopping complex, highest performing State School in Rockhampton Frenchville State School on par with Grammar School but without the price tag and at the foothills of Mount Archer. Property prices are consistently higher than other suburbs and is a sought after location. You will need to live in the catchment zone if you want to get your kids into Frenchville School). Other credible suburbs: Norman Gardens, Mount Archer, some parts of Kawana, some parts of Park Avenue, Wandal, some parts of Allenstown. Stay away from: West Rockhampton, Depot Hill, Mount Morgan. And be mindful of areas prone to flooding by checking the flood maps before you buy/rent... prices may seem cheap but for a reason!

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of

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