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"Don't be fooled by the pretty Queenslanders"

Firstly, I would like to apologise to those nice people who live in Rosewood that I did not get to meet. I am writing this review on my experience here over the last year. The town has most shops that you may need, the houses are attractive (in general), but I have lived in both Ipswich, and rural Queensland towns, and all of them are miles friendlier then Rosewood is. The shopkeepers are friendly enough, but the people that I lived near were not. The primary school was not good either. The headmistress was more interested in lots of signage, and making sure the kids did not wear the wrong colour jumper to school (would not care if there was a cold wind in winter, off it would come!), instead of addressing the serious problem of bulling at the school. My child went there for only a few weeks, and then I took them out to go to another school. No one was interested in addressing the bullying my child was getting. If you are thinking of buying here, rent a place with a 6 month lease first! Best wishes to you.

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"An eclectic rural gem"

Having lived in Rosewood for 3 years now I am very excited about the potential of this well regarded town. My street is home to singles, couples, families and retirees who all take pride in their homes. This town is a rural gem with the benefit of being a short drive to the prosperous city of Ipswich whilst being situated distant enough to enjoy a layback rural lifestyle.

Rosewood offers all the modern conveniences of a large town, beautiful rural scenery, idyllic country pubs and shops, properties from 600sq m to 500 acres, eclectic styles in cottages and houses, a strong emphasis on the local rail and farming history and a burgeoning Equestrian Centre of Excellence.

Conveniently located between Ipswich and Toowoomba with direct rail access to the centre of Brisbane, Rosewood is a popular destination for cyclists, motorcycle clubs and those on a sunday drive in the beautiful Scenic Rim countryside. Rosewood enjoys a fairly quiet atmosphere, with the exception of the regular coal trains and trucks which service the mines industry in the surrounding area. I personally do not find these annoying as I enjoy the sheer grunt and power of the diesel Train engines.

If you are looking for a place to raise your children in fresh air and room to move, want to retire from the 'rat-race' lifestyle of the city and you enjoy a bit of house renovating, then Rosewood is the place for you.

Who lives here?

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Hi there, i was wondering do you get the undesirable element from ipswich down that way? We are looking for a place which is rural yet still has a train line to the city as i work there.


I was going to buy in Rosewood 20 years ago, drove through the main street and saw 2 women having a punch up lol! I I bought in a quiet area of Ipswich, never regretted that, regret selling that house though. I am in Rosewood now, as it is close to my work, and I am not enjoying it one bit. Out of 4 neighbours close to me, only one is friendly, the other 3 are very unfriendly, gossip behind my back, steal, lie, and presume they know the truth in everything concerning my family, when they have not even talked to me at all. I am a very casual friendly person, and have never had trouble with neighbours before, quite the opposite. Can not wait to move back to Ipswich.


Dear Hegatron, you might be a bit sad to hear that the coal trains will more than likely use the inland rail line....but don't have til 2024-25 to get used to the idea.
Rosewood has certainly grown in the just over 2 years I've been here...I think the secret is getting out
Dear Possumw, sorry to hear you haven't had a nice time here. Since I've been here I have found people quite friendly. I don't have school age children, however, my neighbour who has been here just under 2 years has 3 boys, 2 of which attend the primary school and she has nothing but praise for the school.


I walk down the main street in rosewood these days and most of the locals stare at you when you say hi or hello to them, so all I can say is that you people who come from out of town need to learn some manners and respect towards other people

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