Royal Pde, Banyo, QLD 4014

2.3(3 reviews)

Ranked 2nd best street by locals in Banyo, QLD

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Reviews of Royal Pde, Banyo

"awesome little street"

Its a great street close to Banyo train station into Brisbane city, excellent child care centre and great little cafes just up the road. The people are super friendly and the large yard means the kids can have the dog, chooks and vegie patch as well as deck. Yes there is an occasional odour from Golden Circle but its not very often and its on days when you'd rather have the aircon on anyway. The train is only the passenger line to Shornecliffe, no freight trains - its not like being on the main train tracks or anything and its quiet at night. Long term investment as well as the industry near by will all be gone in the next major property boom, its too close to the city for more residential development not to happen. We loved it there.

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"Noisy and Smelly"

We lived in Royal Parade for 2 years. The smell from Golden Circle is horrendous and it never quite goes away. It smells like a rotten pineapple mixed with cat poo and it is 100 times worse when it rains.Trains run from 5am to 1am, there is also frequent trackwork which starts at 11pm and goes till around 4am. This involves flashing lights, banging, scraping and it's impossible to sleep while it's going on. There is also the QR shed across the way. They bang and crash quite a bit too. Golden Circle works 24 hours a day so you have forklift noise and trucks reversing beeps 24/7 also. It's never actually quiet in that street. Mosquito's hang out in Royal Parade in plague proportions with the backyard being out of bounds for most of the warmer months. It is terrible for kids as unless they are completely covered in bug spray they are confined to the house. When it rains Royal Parade becomes a bit of a puddle. There is only a gutter one side of the road so the other side just fills up and then stagnates till it evaporates. There is plenty of public transport, lots of parks and Banyo village is full of wonderfully warm people. I would live in Banyo without any hesitation but never again would I live in Royal Parade.

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"Trains every 20 mins but I suppose you get used to it."

Not a bad street if you are a trainspotter. Neighbours are rude and nasty. Have been known to rock peoples cars and cause a lot of disturbance.


Now this does not sound like a nice place to live at all! I don't think even if i was a trainspotter i would risk having rocks thrown at my car.


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Royal Pde
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