Is Sanctuary cove like living in a bubble?

Where everyone knows your business so to speak. Looking for a safe good area, good private schools, without the bubble so to speak. Many thanks
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Hi Carley, I have a young family and we have lived at Sanctuary Cove for the past three years. It is an absolutely beautiful and serene place to live and is very safe and quiet. We have a mixture of neighbours, retired people, families with children and professionals, everyone we have met here has been lovely. The village is fabulous and a great place to eat out and spend time on the weekends. We were originally worried that the Cove might be a place for 'keeping up with the Jones's' but we have never found it to be like this. There are a number of good private schools within a short drive (Coomera Anglican College, Saint Stephens College, Assisi). Cannot speak highly enough of this lovely estate its a wonderful place to live.


Thanks Jean, also beaches how far away? Can one swim in sanctuary cove there?

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Hi Carley, the closest beach is Main Beach / The Spit which is around 20 - 25 mins drive with no traffic. Sanctuary Cove doesnt have a beach as such but residents are allowed to use the beach pool at the Intercontinental which is wonderful for kids and Paradise Point foreshore is only a 10 minute drive which is a lovely area on the broadwater with parks and playgrounds.

Hi Jean - we are looking to make the move from Sydney to the gated areas in Hope island or Sanctuary cove , are there lots of families in Sanctuary cove? We have two sons . Is there much crime ? Ive read about a few break ins here and there .

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Hi Paolal, there are a lot of families in both Hope Island and Sanctuary Cove, actually there is a good mixture of families, executives and retirees, its a very peaceful place to live (Hope Island Resort or Sanctuary Cove specifically in the gated areas). The security companies are excellent, they patrol all day and are very strict with gate access for visitors and trades, we have never had any issues at all with attempted break ins and I dont know of any of our neighbours who have either. Each property in the resort has an emergency button hard wired too so if there is ever an issue you can buzz and they will be at your house in a flash. They've even helped me catch a bird who flew into the house previously which is way of out of their usual scope of work but they are just like that they always go over and above for residents. There are lots of beautiful parks and gardens and a number of playgrounds for kids, there are also lots of children playing on the grassed area by the sanctuary cove tavern (in normal times when its open).

Great thank you for replying ! Couple more questions if you dont mind , are there lots of mozzies ? And what about cane toads as we have a dog ?

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No problem - yes the are mozzies and also midgees - but they are in most areas of the coast near the water so they're hard to avoid. We sometimes have our property sprayed for mozzies and midgees in summer which helps and the council also spray the Hope Island area regularly too. When they are really bad you can't go outside without repellant around dusk or you will be eaten alive. There are some cane toads but not many, we have a dog also and he's chased a few but has never tried to eat one, they aren't a very big problem in our area generally speaking.

Lovely thanks for your feedback

Hi Jean. What are the regulations for pets in SC? Especially dogs. We have a beautiful Labrador that does bark from time to time, especially at voices he can't see (eg Neighbours). Is this likely to be an issue in SC?

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Hi there Gavd1, sometimes there are complaints to security regarding barking dogs but generally only if it goes on for an extended period of time and is disrupting the neighbours. Most dogs seem to bark when someone walks by their yard (I know my dog does too!) and this sort of normal level of barking is to be expected so generally not an issue. The Gold Coast City council do patrol in the residential area of Sanctuary Cove at times so we have to adhere to local council rules inside the cove as well. Security are really lovely and understanding in regard to pets, they may contact you if the barking has been reported as an issue but I've always found them very patient and understanding and they work with everyone to resolve any issues. I am sure your Labrador will love living in the cove there are lots of beautiful place to walk with him :-)

Wow thanks for the prompt reply! It's good that there is an understanding that dogs actually do bark from time to time.

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