As a local real estate agent I am often out on the road with appointments, I work in a very quiet "Village" style area called Dolls Point.
Dolls Point does not provide "Through" roads for any other suburb thus only visitors to the area and local residents drive around the streets.
Dolls Point is a sleepy bayside suburb and there is NEVER much traffic at all, so why then have the police been hiding at the top of Russell Ave which is a VERY wide 4 lane street and is marked only as a 50km/hr zone (Stupid), with there radar guns pointed down the road to un suspecting residents booking them for going 5 km/hr over the limit in a 50 zone on a street that you could safety travel at 60km/hr or more because it is so wide???
Because they are raising money for the government! look where not stupid ok your not doing this to save lives your doing it to "steal" money from unsuspecting law abiding citizens and its unjust!
One of my best mates is a retired police Sergeant, he only left the force 10 months ago, he recently told me at a Christmas B.B.Q that there was an UN TOLD QUOTER SYSTEM where by police officers where given TARGETS on how many tickets they should write a month.
So there you go, the poor old law abiding citizens of Dolls Point have been falling victim to the very people they look to and pay taxs to employ to protect them for the past 12 months in what only can be described as a Sting to meet Traffic fine targets or quoters. SHAME ON YOU ST GEORGE POLICE!
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Yes you are right! The NSW police force do have a quota for traffic offences that they try and adhere to. I remember when the "offensive noise" law came in for car stereo systems, country NSW police were just hammering the crap out of anyone who had a sound system that went over 5db. Yes they will continue to be lazy and hide in suburban streets where there really is nothing happening and book unsuspecting drivers for going a few km's over the speed limit, it saves them from going out and doing any real work while still reaching their quota.
The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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