Best streets in Thornbury

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Fyffe Street

Ranked 1st best street in Thornbury

"close to every amenatie with ample parks"

- Roby
Fyffe st has a very good mixture od period homes but in particular the size of the allotements ,Fyyfe st is close to the tram and the train station but our Miller st tram and shopping is the best ,gre...
-37.753030524 144.9813109456
Ranked 2nd best street in Thornbury

"Ballantyne Street"

- CutiePie
Off St Georges road and can get real busy and noisy. Tram right at your door step for those who do not like driving
-37.7577911658 144.9936462672

Comas Grove

Ranked 3rd best street in Thornbury

"Relaxed quiet spot, close to amenities"

- Mavis
Comas Grove is a nice quiet street which is close to public transport, but far enough from major roads that you aren't burdened with traffic noise. There is a great little milkbar where you can get y...
-37.7521562598 144.9853134365
Ranked 4th best street in Thornbury

"Wide street in an upcoming suburb"

- AprilFlame
Several nicer and wide streets run off High Street towards Victoria Street in Thornbury. Mansfield St is one of them. There are period homes in the mix. Some restored and others with potential. It's...
-37.7572754865 145.0090824948
Ranked 5th best street in Thornbury

"Lewis Street"

- CutiePie
Lewis street is close to Normamby ave. Very close to teh strip of shops on High street. public transport everywhere and there are also good schools around
-37.757145713 144.9846987194

Harold St

Ranked 6th best street in Thornbury

"Harold street"

- CutiePie
I have lived in Harold street. back in the days when i was in Primary school. So it was a long time ago. I loved living there it was within walking distance to everything. I love the shops you can fin...
-37.7551649581 144.9848763043

Unranked Streets

"Great neighbours, excellent variety, multicultural low key p..."

I love our street because the variety of people that live here and around us. We have the best neighbours of any place I have lived. Very friendly, safe, old fashioned neighbourly place. People are fo...
-37.7614555623 145.0018288339

Hill Street

-37.7547688071 144.9836058892

"close to amenities, attractive period homes, property hot sp..."

- deboz
The street is dominated by well cared for period homes. Parking is a problem with limited resident parking, few houses have on site parking. Nature strips are well tended by the council. The street...
-37.758737147 145.0266087602

"Great Suburb but Expensive to Buy in the area"

- CutiePie
Great area to live in. I love Thornbury but it is just too expensive. Close to evrything and not too far from the city
-37.7543077694 144.9850538893

"Quiet, Friendly Street"

- CutiePie
Normanby Ave is a quiet friendly street.In good location not too far from the shops,there are also a few medical clinics around good for the elderly as they don't have to travel too far
-37.7587200716 144.9930998521

"Great location - everything within reach by foot"

- Rover
Fantastic location, near transport and great food shopping and coffee shops. Street can get a bit grubby near High street, and the parking can get a bit difficult sometimes there. The street has a Gre...
-37.7610764868 145.0019654376

"Great place to live"

- LouiseS2
I have lived on Raleigh Street for more than 10 years. It is a very long street, going practically from one end of Thornbury to the other, so you need to make sure your visitors and food delivery peo...
-37.7607349774 145.0199015144
-37.7533378825 144.9876357008

"Cute, quiet street. Very close to great cafes and shops, lot..."

- NathanielR
Rennie St has many cute 1920's Californian bungalows with some great, creative gardens. Lots of young families moving in recently with plenty of recent renovations lifting the vibe as there are still...
-37.7532559202 144.9921436256

"Bradley St, Thornbury"

- CutiePie
Bradley ave is off St Georges road. Although it is off a main street it is very quiet. Great suburb to live in close range to everything.
-37.7611994302 144.9911327576

"Great little street just off the beaten track..."

- bconeil
Agnes Street is a great little street close to nearby shops, parks and public transport - trains, trams and buses. Generally very quiet but everyone is extremely friendly and approachable.
-37.7627362228 145.0034270981

"Location, Location"

- CutiePie
Close to everything but yet again a bit too expensive to buy in the area
-37.7557591846 144.9822944928

Smith Street

-37.7570193545 144.9937965314

Keon Street


"Great Place for active adults"

- CutiePie
Plenty of parks around. Walking distance to shops and transport. Everything you need within walking distance
-37.7514698258 144.9835922288
-37.757687898283 145.00814984276 7