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Ranked 1st best suburb in Northern Territory

"Inner city suburb close to the action and work"

- dougd3
There is a reason this suburb is at the top, it caters for singles, families and couples. on one side you have Apartments that have views of the Darwin skyline, townhouses for those that want a little...
-12.4471604723977 130.848358066911


Ranked 2nd best suburb in Northern Territory

"Wonderful Wulagi"

- Brad Morgan
Wulagi has to be one of the most popular Northern Suburbs, it offers the very best of Suburban living, currently 3 bedroom homes are achieving fantastic prices and for investors there is no problem re...
-12.3844409373602 130.897709928595

Humpty Doo

Ranked 3rd best suburb in Northern Territory

"Small country town, not that fair from the big smoke"

- Kasterborus
Humpty Doo really isn't a suburb of Darwin, it's donkeys away, far enough to be it's own little patch of paradise, but close enough that it's not an epic quest to get to the city. The cost of living i...
-12.580901642703 131.136010645765


Ranked 4th best suburb in Northern Territory

"at the cities door step"

- ramr
Hard to beat location situated in the CBD
-12.4556698752612 130.822336751254


Ranked 5th best suburb in Northern Territory

"community spirit"

- communityspirit
We have lived at Anula for 10 years and have happily raised our children here. The reason why we have lived here for so long is that this suburb has access to beautiful shady, well maintained parkland...
-12.3915647201875 130.895190235038


Ranked 6th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Up and coming suburb"

- Kirsty
We love living in Karama. There is plenty of potential for growth with large blocks.
-12.3954095121945 130.912849629306

Fannie Bay

Ranked 7th best suburb in Northern Territory

"This is where you want to be in Darwin"

- Tracy2
This suburb is the best of "old Darwin". Tropical houses, big blocks of land & old established gardens. Away from the small block suburbs where everyone is jammed in close - there is room to move here...
-12.4265638439034 130.83747630294


Ranked 8th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Durack Review"

- penno12
Nice secure location close to service station and shops, golf course and new water park, schools and child care facilities are within walking distance, surrounded by a golf course with plenty of paths...
-12.4741968055078 130.969683659144
Ranked 9th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Litchfield National Park"

- CutiePie
Litchfield national park and waterfalls are about an 1 1/2 - 2 hours out of Darwin. 3 fantastic waterfalls that you can lazy by on the riverbanks all day.There are Gorgeous little cabins .Darwin wharf...
-12.4633082548795 130.845523788837
Ranked 10th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Relaxed beachside living"

Nightcliff is the ideal place to live a balanced lifestyle away from the crowded and over-rated Darwin city apartments. It offers the best sunset views in the region and does not suffer from the midgi...
-12.3821121827177 130.845160950061


Ranked 11th best suburb in Northern Territory

"new suburb with plenty of green spaces"

- ramr
I like the abundance of parks and cycle paths. very family orientated suburb.
-12.358527 130.89205


Ranked 12th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Quiet living, central to everything"

- Holco
We moved to Millner 4 months ago and love it! There's great facilities in the area, not too far from the Nightcliff shopping centre, fresh fruit & veg at the shops on Bagot Rd and of course the market...
-12.391862112083 130.862843046421
Ranked 13th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Peaceful, quiet life, still close to town!"

- jezz
We have been living in HS for the past 6 months now (Friarbird Crescent), we have lived in Palmerston and also the Northern suburbs before. We were tossing up weather to buy either a new house in like...
-12.4903742499379 131.049407974825
Ranked 14th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Alice is what you make of it !"

- Nathan11
It's a great place to live for people who don't like the busy lifestyle of big cities. There's surprisingly lots of things to do to keep you busy, from 4WD-ing to arts and culture. If you think Alic...
-23.7399340348675 133.864409858797


Ranked 15th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Moulden, some great places."

- Tony Ford
Moulden can be broken into 2 parts, South Moulden and North Moulden. North Moulden is walking distance to Palmerston High School, sports facilities and swimming pool. South Moulden has many housing c...
-12.5056035687479 130.973057991004


Ranked 16th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Small suburb in central location"

- akroyd
I have lived in Woodroffe for 14 years and raised 2 children here. It has a good neighbourly spirit and is well located. Shops, schools, childcare centres, sporting facilities are all close by with th...
-12.502845294596 130.980051639831


Ranked 17th best suburb in Northern Territory

"Clean and green"

- CA
Gunn is a suburb of the satellite city of Palmerston, located about 25 minutes drive from Darwin CBD. The Palmerston City Council do a excellent job of landscaping the verges, parks and keeping these...
-12.4855387876282 130.989012976652
-13.3618710583775 133.089287551219 5