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Ranked 1st best suburb in South West

"Pristine. Picture Perfect"

- kiak
Beautiful safe and quiet suburb. There is a local IGA, medical centre and service station. A Coles supermarket to be built in the future. Every other retail store only a 20minute drive to Mandurah. T...
-32.6324592396111 115.636733965752


Ranked 2nd best suburb in South West

"Gelorup ticks ALL the right boxes"

- jeffd
My wife and I have lived in Gelorup just 10km south of Bunbury town centre for 9 years. Having lived in various areas from Geraldton in the NW., to Hamelin Bay in the south west of WA.and we love it h...
-33.4113484163156 115.637822336893
Ranked 3rd best suburb in South West

"A wonderful place to live"

- WesternAust9
South Yunderup is located along the Murray River about 50 minutes from Perth. It is a beautiful suburb that is majority established residential, however still holds onto the rural, small country town...
-32.5844912933251 115.780813171091

Halls Head

Halls Head
Ranked 4th best suburb in South West

"A beach bums paradise"

- froggypeters
It just a great place to live and affordable, friendly with plenty of things to do :)
-32.5431651876982 115.698349904519


Ranked 5th best suburb in South West

"Best family suburb with everything and More!"

- Melissa Lockyer
Eaton is the only place on earth my husband is willing to live!!! And I couldn't be happier really because we have it all... Our home in older Eaton, like many of the homes here just by the river, we...
-33.3110672059816 115.717308518671


Ranked 6th best suburb in South West

"Handy for fly in and out"

- Dean123
Located a few minutes acess from freeway is great, quiet suburb with good access to Mandurah. Couple of good parks too.
-32.4721588817987 115.776144399826


Ranked 7th best suburb in South West

"Oceanside is the place to be!"

- KK1
Lived here for 3 years. Usually dislike living in suburbia but on the Oceanside of Dalyellup it is bliss. We are 700m from the beachfront and it is so quiet I can hear the waves rolling in. The amount...
-33.3990121031248 115.617718982983
Ranked 8th best suburb in South West

"Country Roads get in while you can.."

- Sam_The_Man
Countrty Roads is the North part of Greenfields and the locals know it. Large blocks semi rural with alot of large trees. This is a great spot if you want a bit of extra room. At the time of writing...
-32.52345227035 115.762810511053


Ranked 9th best suburb in South West

"One of the Best to be in!"

- ConnarOO
Best place to be in! Lots of Schools, Shops and Parks and Reserves close by.
-32.6121816853961 115.883949801083
Ranked 10th best suburb in South West

"Absolutely Beautiful"

- michelles8
Margaret river is my favorite places to date, my family and i loved it here, so much beauty, we stayed out prevelly beach carvan park and we loved it, we only had a tent and we had the best time with...
-33.9682184322425 115.026989994036


Ranked 11th best suburb in South West
-34.2456118654661 116.146844419344


Ranked 12th best suburb in South West

"Nice place to have a holiday house"

- CaitlynS
As i have a holiday house down at mandurah i count it as a nice place to live and everyone is nice, the beaches are beautiful.
-32.5233786402976 115.724837895594


Ranked 13th best suburb in South West

"Friendly and Relaxed"

- BrianG8
Lived here for ten years. From the word go found the people friendly and welcoming. We have a larger social circle here than we had in the city. An easy place to live - great shops (two supermarkets...
-33.9761543647175 116.177624145924


Ranked 14th best suburb in South West

"Beautiful tree-change"

- Iluka
Love this location, has a holiday feel to it. Great facilities avail. close by. Green bushland with amazing wildflowers and walking tracks.Lots of up-side with new Lithium processing plant only a few...
-33.2848457164784 115.717082910458


Ranked 15th best suburb in South West

"Busselton its ur home too"

- met2
I love busselton its nice. I have never seen many beaches like this one.
-33.6491246665828 115.34924585306
-34.034263894323 115.791911290928 5