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my family and I are looking to relocate to Cairns from Europe and we are trying to decide on a suburb. we have 2 children, so easy access to a good school is important. our children will be in year 5 and 11 at the time of the move. I'v been looking at Smithfield. what's the high school like? I understand that you have to be from a catchment area. Smithfield obviously qualifies. How about primary? The feeder school seems to be Trinity Beach state school. Is smithfield in the catchment area for that school? maybe other recommendations for schools? all advice very welcome.
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As a Real Estate Agent this is one of the most common questions we are asked.

When my wife and I relocated from Sydney we also had no idea, and were naturally worried about making the right decision. Since living here I think all of the schools do a really great job.

My advice would be to arrange a walkthrough, the school principals love showing people through so you can get a feeling for the school and the culture. The Good news is that there is a fantastic bus service (Loves), which really helps take catchment area out of the equation. There are some handy links below, feel free to call me if you need some help.

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