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Ranked 37th best suburb by locals in Sunshine Coast Region, QLD

Great for

  • Neighbourly spirit
  • Clean & green
  • Internet access
  • Medical facilities

Not great for

  • Nightlife

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  • Families With Kids
  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Retirees

Reviews of Tewantin, QLD

"Historic Riverside town of Tewantin"

what I love about Tewantin is the friendly people in the township. The shopping area has great character and a good mix of shops for all your needs. The Noosa Harbour marina just a short walk away is the only marina in town and there are some good cafes and restaurants here whilst enjoying the cool breezes and river views.
Tewantin also has a beach! Some people don't realize this, but continue to the end of Moorindil St, take the ferry across the river and you are on the North Shore an unspolt area with a small resort and the beach that you can drive 4WD all the way to Rainbow Beach.
A normal car can go to the first cutting on a sealed road and great walks round to The Frying Pan which in the Noosa Heads river mouth and views across to Noosa Main Beach.
Richard Locke Elders Real Estate Noosa

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids
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"A good place to live if you like water sports."

Tewantin is a small town set back from the holiday destinations of Noosa and surrounding areas. Many people who work or own businesses in the Noosa area live in Tewantin.

Tewantin is the barge access way to the northern beaches of Double Island Point and Rainbow Beach. There is also very good access on to the Noosa River and many residents own boats of one sort or another.

The town is a mixture of old and new with more and more growth as the Sunshine Coast develops. At present Tewantin is thought of as the most northern town of the coastal strip.

Real estate prices are reasonable and rents are also reasonable.

Residents vary from the hippy through to the millionaire. It is just one of those quirky towns that appeal to many different people for many different reasons.

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.Report

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