The Round Drive, Avoca Beach, NSW 2251

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Great for

  • Clean & green
  • Eating out
  • Gym and fitness
  • Internet access
  • Neighbourly spirit

Not great for

  • Nightlife
  • Medical facilities

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Reviews of The Round Drive, Avoca Beach

"Avoca Beach - The Round Drive"

The Round Drive is an extremely convenient and beautiful place to live. It has a wonderful advantage for school aged families in that all of the school buses pass by the front door.
If you are at the local school ( you can walk ) or the private Christian, Adventist, Grammar , Catholic or Selective High you can race out at the last minute and still make the bus!!! Or get to work! On the LHS of the street the houses are all right on Avoca Lagoon which is very pretty and has an immense amount of bird life.
There are a few buses during the morning and afternoon peak hours but otherwise it's amazingly quiet and at night you can hear the surf. Great internet reception too.
We have the odd crazy Christmas holiday 'blow-ins' like all nice beach areas which can be annoying I guess but the way to view them is that without their influx of $$$$ our Heritage Listed Cinema and cafes would be bereft of much needed $$$.
There are other beaches like Copa and Macs where you can hide during the tourist times, and none more than a 10 minute drive away.
The Avoca Point Cafe is fantastic spot right on the beach.
Winter is a beautiful time and quieter. The beach storms , water spouts & marine finds on the sand are amazing and nobody but us friendly locals . The surf is wild and louder at night in the Winter.
The Round Drive has a great many dog-walkers and just walkers in general. Dog folk are good at picking up their doggy poop and 50% of the beach is dog friendly ( including a lagoon for swimming).
Overall I would say that being within walking distance to one of the three best State Schools on the Coast, buses at the door, great internet, fresh air and a sense of community are the strengths of Avoca and The Round Drive.
Busy peak hr buses and a rickety old Rd with no Gas are the negatives.
Hope this helps you ,
Cheers, Tapas
ps. there is a dog-groomer, hairdresser and 2 handy stores on The Round Dve. The local pre-school is also within pram walking distance. lots of wildlife and good coastal walks.

Great for

  • The state and private school buses pass by your door
  • Easy walk to the beach and shops * great internet!!
  • The LHS sits right on the lagoon. v pretty and birdlife

Not great for

  • Quite a few buses during the peak hour times
  • It's a rough old narrow road that they constantly patch up
  • No gas available

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • Students
  • Beach Lovers
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