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Blue Haven

"Best Value Homes on The Central Coast"

Plenty of homes in the 1-15yr age group. Modern estate and some older estate areas with big blocks. Great for kids. 15 mins drive to beaches.

Who lives here?

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I'd recommend Raine and Horne real estate if you want to buy a house in the area as they sponsor the blue haven raiders football club which helps keep the children of the area busy and active . Add a comment...


I have been living in blue haven since March 2015. So far this suburb is the best. Very quiet, friendly neighbours, closed to shops, schools, public transport, churches, community centre, sports ground , parks, beaches, lakes and beautiful surroundings and very safe for people from all walks of life. With all these, I could not ask for more than planning to live here for good until I retire. I have read few bad comments and I respect them as they are entitled to their opinions. All I can suggest to these people in order to live a happy life wherever suburb they may be living in is to apply in their life the following tips:

1. Think of the good things - “Finally, my friends, keep your minds on whatever is true, pure, right, holy, friendly, and proper. Don't ever stop thinking about what is truly worthwhile and worthy of praise.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:8‬ ‭. Your thought life plays a very important role in making yourself happy. Feed your mind with all the good things if you want to have a happy life. Remember every good action you make comes from a very good thought you first imagined.

2. Listen to the good - tune in your ear to listen to the good, positive things and ideas. Avoid listening to negative talks and people that cannot build you up but only tear you down. Start listening to good stuff and to people who can talk life rather than death.

3. Look for the good - start to search for the good things and learn to appreciate them. Don't focus yourself on the bad things because in this world plenty of bad things you will see if you search for it. This world is not perfect therefore, align your mindset to look for the good things and you shall find them.

4. Talk good stuff. There is power in your word. If you keep on talking negative and bad stuff, then those words will define your destiny. Start talking the wonderful works that your Creator have done or the people whom you have associated with praising them for the good things they have done for you or for others.

5. Do good. Be a doer of the good stuff and you will surely experience the joy and happiness of serving others. Apply the golden rule of doing unto others the things that you want others do for you.

There is Hope in the Blue Haven suburb therefore start bragging and talking positive stuff about this place and you will see the difference. Make Blue Haven a better place to live in by applying the above mentioned tips. If you need more info, please leave your message here and I am happy to give you. God bless you guys


I am Currently planning to move to blue haven . Thank you for your message .jenny

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