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21st January 2020

"Butler - a suburb where everybody knows everybody, but riddled with crime."

I first moved to Butler from Currambine about 16 years ago. At the start, it was wonderful area, we are situated near the Butler Primary School. The area was a safe place, full of young families and everybody seemed wonderful. But it wasn't until neighbours moved out, rented out their properties, that we realised this was coming to an end.
Butler is sadly riddled with crime and aggressive/rude people. Countless times I have been abused by teenagers AND adults who seem to think they deserve a right to say stuff to me, about me. Sadly, Butler College didn't make it any better, more worse if you ask me personally. Teenage fights often occur here and it can get pretty worrying living nearby.
As for our street, we've had it all. Fires, police chases (on foot and vehicles), break-ins, fights and burnouts. One of the fights even made it onto the news. Our street is covered in skid marks where people fly around corners and do doughnuts at intersections. Not only that but our street intersects with a laneway, also riddled with more crime, garage doors, fences and bins are frequently targeted by graffiti attacks. Not only is the destruction clear, neighbours are horrible. We've had at least 4 or 5 drug dealers on the street, and even a convicted murderer, who of which followed me down my street until he disappeared, making remarks towards me about a Homeswest home that burnt down on our street earlier that year.
All in all, I can say is that some areas are nice, but others are not just bad, but horrible to live in. The area's I'd avoid would definitely be the south of Butler, full of riff-raff. Western Butler's got an ugly side too, as well as Eastern Butler. North Butler however seems to be alright, though I haven't spent enough time up there to really know.
Compared to private homes, there really isn't that many Homeswest homes, though some of them aren't that bad. I personally know a few families that live in Homeswest homes that have been really friendly. But then we've had disgusting people too. Currently, we have four Homeswest homes on our street. The first one is home to a believed prostitute who seems to have a different man every night. The second a young, friendly family who first moved in and brough violence and riff-raff, but have since turned over a new leaf and proven themselves as kind people. The third (which was the one that burnt down, that's right! Good one state-government, instead of knocking it down, you "fixed" it and put another person in there), an elderly lady, and then the forth is a young group of men who live there that seem to have zero care about what their house looks like.

If anybody wants any help or has any more questions, comment down below and I'll answer them for you. I'm only saying this as I believe I've seen a person on here asking about where the Homeswest Homes. Anyway, thank you for reading, and remember, North Butler is nice, every other part of Butler - not nice!


Hello thats pretty good and detailed comment thanks. I used to live in Ridgewood back in 2006-2008 it was so nice then moved to Sydney and now trying to go back to raise my little boys are Sydney is just crazy expensive and an avarage descent home costs around $1.1m. So thought of going back to the area I know... looking at some places in Butler, Clarkson, Jindalee... u said north Butler is nice... from where exactly? Sorry it is hard to know when Im not there...would u recommend Clarkson? Any other area you would Recommend for a family of 2 adults, 2 boys 1 and 3 years old and 2 small dogs? Thanks so much! I even thought Guildford


Hi there,
The Ridgewood area was absolutely wonderful back then. It was new, similar to Butler and everybody looked after everything. Ridgewood has gone downhill since 2008, but not as far as Butler has. If I was to say which was better, definitely Ridgewood, especially in the older area where the houses were built around 2004-2008 kind of time.
North Butler is nice, but it is slightly pricy, but not completely. I'd say if you were looking for a good spot, it would be bordered by Benenden Avenue and Exmouth Drive, and then Camborne Parkway and Butler Boulevard. Another area that I didn't mention in the comment was actually a small part of Butler in the centre. Bordered by Camborne Parkway and Marmion Avenue, Benenden Avenue and Kingsbridge Boulevard.
I wouldn't recommend Clarkson sorry. The amount of fights, criminal activity etc. there is terrible. It isn't very often Ridgewood is on the news for the wrong reasons, but Clarkson and Butler seem to be unable to go a certain time without something bad happening there.
The last news report that was bad about Clarkson was about a month ago when 300 loud teenagers had a party and damaged houses and cars. The last news report was actually three days ago, when a SHOOTING occurred in East Butler.
In our area, there's often police in the area, and often loud parties. Not handy when you have two young kids either.
If you wanted to go somewhere where it is quiet, friendly and probably normal, I would suggest North Butler (so long as it isn't too pricy), Catalina which is between Clarkson and Tamala Park. Jindalee is a nice place but is also pricy. Newer part of Quinns Rocks, Mindarie. Kinross is nice. Alkimos, Eglinton is also quite a nice area, there are plenty of blocks of land there too if you wanted to build instead of buy, and then maybe the new estates of Yanchep.
I must warn though if you ever moved to Yanchep, be prepared for fire season, because every year, it does go up. Guildford is a good suburb, not a lot happens there, but the houses are very old there. My grandmother used to live there and she'll tell you it's amazing... but last time she lived there was about 1940.
Anyway, I hope all goes well in your hunt for the perfect house, I wish you and your family lots of luck and good fortune!


Thanks so much for your explanation. It is so sad to hear this. Will see if I can find something in the areas you suggested me, you are helping so much!
Sorry to bother you but any other suburbs you wouldnt recommend? Balga?
Thanks so much!!!


Hi again!
It was my pleasure helping you.
I definitely wouldn't recommend Balga unfortunately as it's probably just as bad as Clarkson. But if you're also looking that way, I would definitely look into Alexander Heights. If you can get into some of the nicer areas of Alexander Heights, you've got a gem for sure. Plus, it's incredibly underrated, the prices there are incredibly low, and sometimes you can get a moderately nice house for about the price of an ugly house!
Hope this helps! :)


Thank you so much !! It definitely helped me as I wasnt sure about Alexander H either. Thanks again for your recommendation


Haslingfield Way Butler?


Haslingfield Way is a good street I suppose.
It depends on what you're looking for, if you prefer a quiet street, Haslingfield Way probably isn't the street for you. Because of the fact that it connects Marmion Avenue to Butler Primary School, it can be quite busy. But if that doesn't bother you, then I don't see why not.
It isn't a terrible street and as far as I know, it isn't riddled with crime. There is actually quite a few older people that live on the street and most of the neighbourhood on that street are incredibly friendly.


Thank you


How is Clitheroe way In butler


Clitheroe Way seems to be a good street. I personally am unsure as I don't like to travel into east Butler much because it isn't a nice area, but from when I just viewed it on Google Maps, seems alright, wouldn't be much different to the kind of area I live in, and that doesn't have that many problems on it.
Personally would I move to that street, no. But if the occasional dirt bike doesn't bother you, then I don't see why not. Hope this helps and if you have any more questions, let me know. : )

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Pendleton Crescent

"Good or Bad... Hard to Say!"

Pendleton Crescent is an okay street of Butler, Western Australia.
While quiet by midday, it does certainly get very busy during school time as school is literally down the street on Tollesbury Avenue. Unfortunately, not many good neighbours on the street either. Often abuse being yelled on the street, burn outs, fires, burglaries & even speeding cars! A lot of blind corners too so not so safe for driving on. A lot of HomesWest on the street too...
I have to say though, it is also sometimes quiet.


The opinions expressed within this review are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.