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Redbank Plains
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"Lived here for 2.5 years and have bought another house"

I moved to QLD in 2007 from Bankstown NSW. I have 2 kids under the age of 10. I work full-time but home most weekends. My first house I purchased in 2009 and I have to say I stay clear of the northside of Redbank Plains Rd - due to what I had been told of that area. But I have been just off School Rd (not in the Fernbrooke or Mountview Estate). I have loved it. I had built a 1.8m fence all around my property as that is what I have always wanted. I have never owned a dog and on quite a few occasions we have left the house unlock and the front door wide open. I have never been broken into and the only time I had insurance claimed was when my husband put a stone through our glass door from mowing (over rocks of cause) ... Our neighbours are great and friendly and we socialise with them on most weekends. The rent for what you get is considerably cheap in comparison to what I had to pay before I bought my first home. I have to say I have noticed that in other areas of Redbank Plains I have noticed some 'interesting people' but I reckon if the rents were raised it would reduce the issues popping up. From my understanding the northside of Redbank Plains Rd has gone downhill because of it being Department of Housing. We used to have party kids in our street but we now have families all around us so the street is kid friendly and there are plenty of kids to play with. There is always one neighbour that has a personality disorder but I have never had a face to face issue. I have now bought right around the corner since I love the area. I won't go any further on that topic. Anyhow I walk the kids to the local parks - which are between a 10 & 25 min walk - depending where you go. Woolworths is a 5 min drive - you could walk but I wouldn't recommend walking the distance as it is hilly. There is plans for a railway station to be at the end of School Rd as well as a major complex - including a tavern and yet again another daycare centre (Already have 2 on School Rd at the moment). McDonalds 24 hr has just opened up also just across the road from Woolies. Around Woolies is a BWS, Post Office, Hairdresser & Barber, BOQ, Chemist, Fish & Chips, Chinese, Bakery, $2 dollar shop to name a few. 7/11 servos are behind the Woolworth's. Behind that is Redbank Plains Tavern, Foodworks (used to be BiLo), Subway, Brodies, Fish & Chips again to name a few. We also have Dan Murphy's that is right on Redbank Plains Rd where the servos are at the lights. Oh also about a 10 min drive to Brookwater (Greg Norman designed Golf course) which you have the club available for functions and meals - Woolworths and a medical centre are planned to be completed there by mid next year. St Augustine's College is also located in this area. Drive another 5mins away and you get to Springfield Central - this has a water park that opened this year (kids love it), major shopping complex called Orion (will be the biggest shopping complex in the southern hemisphere when the 3rd stage has completed) also has the new Masters store which opened in September/October. Now also have Spotlight which opened in November. So this area is a nice place to be and I am sorry for those who have had bad experiences but it only pushes me to say 'Raise the rent'. I hope I have assisted someone looking at moving to the area.

Great for

  • Whats up and coming to the area
  • Parks and kids play areas
  • Shops, food, local entertainment, public transport - all close by

Not great for

  • Stay clear of Henty Drive area if you want piece and quiet
  • Council needs to be called to mow council strips

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • LGBT+
  • Students
  • Trendy & Stylish

I agree with this review. I think the residents that are happy don't tend to come onto this website to say why!


I thought I should update the 'What's in the area' details ... I have been told that Aldi's will be opening up next to Woolies at Redbank Plains - I am very excited to know we will have our own in the near future. I was told that this was planned to be open by 2015. I have also been told that Costco has taken up an idea to build there first store in QLD next door to Masters in Springfield Central ... So looking forward to that happening too - the dates for that were also expected in the next few years too. From what I understood that Mirvac (who run Orion) had to establish a few more buidlings before they were considering on starting on the Costco building. Anyway I hope that helps.


Fantastic chris_and_niki great review (and well done on the editors choice!)


Does anyone know the area around Pleasant Drive Redbank Plains? Thinking of moving there? As I do not know the area I am really relying on the locals for their input. Thanks. :)


hey dear chris and niki, thank you for such wonderful reviews, however,I was wondering that is this place convenient for people who works in CBD? it took 30 min to get to CBD. However, I have heard that the government are building a new CBD in springfield, is that true? I am thinking to buying a house in redbank, what is ur opinion for that ? :)


Hello Oscar! In relation to your first question - the buses here are pretty bad not very reliable and aren't exactly setup to get to places quickly. The best public transport is the trains. Your choices are Springfield Central, Goodna or Redbank Station. I prefer Springfield Central as there are expresses that can get you into the city in 30 mins comfortably and you always get a seat. They have approved plans for Redbank Plains train station but it is population capped. In regards to your second question yes that is correct Maha (CEO of Springfield Land Corp) has great plans for Greater Springfield. It won't all be here tomorrow but he is pushing quite a bit through. The government isn't building it but they are supporting it (sometimes). Finally, Redbank and Redbank Plains are older suburbs so you will have neighbours that have been here for quite a while. Asking the neighbours of the potiential buy wouldn't hurt to find out about the street. Also take note that Redbank Plains was obviously a flood plain so blacksoil is very common so just means to get the footings inspected to be safe. The older houses seem to have been built to last where the newer ones not so much - movement can be pretty bad for some. I have also been informed where the Redbank Plains shopping centre is will no longer be Aldi's but will be ripped down and the entire corner block (including the grass area next door) will be a whole new complex that will include Coles & Target and other shops. So will be interesting to see. Also Redbank Plains Rd gets a revamp starting this year so it will be dual access right through from Jones Rd to Centenary Highway. Also with the opening of of Collingwood Drive from Redbank Plains Rd now also means quicker access to Redbank & Collingwood Park now too.


Oh and Costco now is on the backburn but now Bunnings is setting up next door to Masters at Springfield Central - so loving that convenience!


Dear Chris and niki, thanks for all the help you are offering to make up people's mind on moving to this area. I am thinking of buying an Investment property in Fernbrooke Ridge Estate. This is my first IP and I am not very aware of the market and factors. Would really appreciate if you could suggest me a couple of things, I am worried about:
1) cappital growth in this estate
2) flooding and black soil issue
3) if the population is that much here to get tenants easily or if the properties are vacant for long times.
4) how is this estate's accessibility from other main areas of redbank plains
any other thing you would like to suggest. Sorry for all the trouble. But it would really help me avoid getting into trouble with my first IP as I dont have much money to pay bank installments without place getting rented.


Hello NishantG I hope I can assist with your questions.

1) Capital growth in this area has slowed right down due to the influx of property availability. With Fernbrooke Ridge and Edens Landing going full swing the growth will probably hold out now until the land availability starts to be scarce.

2) Flooding is always going to be on the cards as the name says 'plains' - just keep an eye out for 6 Mile Creek. Redbank Plains is entirely blacksoil. This just means that it has the capability of moving quite a bit between dry spells and wet seasons. If you have a soil test done on the land you buy this will let you know how bad the soil can move. It some cases it can costs you 10s of thousands to be able to limited the movement in the slab (deeper piers) also do research if the builder recommends waffle pods for the slab. I have seen a lot of bad cracking in houses because waffle pods had been used.

3) in relation to turnaround in 2012 it took 7 weeks for my house to be rented so wasn't too long. Unsure to be honest in the availability side I would contact Ray White in Redbank Plains and ask them for those details. Units seem to go pretty quickly I have to say though.

4) even though Redbank Plains is an older suburb all the developments happening around it are making it more accessible. To the west we have a 15-20 min drive to the centre of Ipswich and to the east we have a 10 min drive to the Greater Springfield area and all its potential. I recommend going to the Edens Landing website and checking out their master plan so you can see what's coming near Fernbrooke Ridge.

So I suppose the question should be asked if you are tight for repayments now when the interest rates are at a record low how would you handle a rate rise? If things are already tight I wouldn't recommend buying your first IP in houses. Also with growth that means land values go up so rates are higher and so in tale your insurances will also increase. If you are limited for money I would consider going into units. Look at a complex that you like and as each property becomes available on the market buy the next unit. The growth for units as been very similar to housing and the rent availability of units is a very small turn around but at least you won't need to go bankrupt when the interest rates start to go back up again.

Hope I helped ;)


redbank plains is a terrible place to live. people take their lives into their own hand by walking around after dark sharing the streets with machete wielding punks. at school start and finish our streets become raceways with idiots both sexes young and old travelling in access of 60 km/h. Our streets are 50. Hoons sitting on corners burning rubber , engines screaming with no regards to anyone's safety. Does any one care? No. council don't give a s*** police are never around when you need them. Roads are almost totally blocked off with all these people dropping of kids instead of making them take school busses. Parties that you can hear from kilometres away, and no one cares. Flying foxes are taking over the trees behind willow road west, screeching and smelly, but don't complain to council this vermin is a protected species. There is nothing nice to say about redbank plains.


Hi Chris & Niki !

Thanks for sharing all info earlier.

I am looking to get an corner block /Land + Home Package at Six Mile Creek Collingwood Park.would be able to guide me please about how good is the area.I am just looking for more open space area with access to gardens and all,and i am also not sure if moving to Karalee could be other better option as well.Please advise.Thanks !


Hi Chris and Nikki, Thanks a lot for providing all info in this forum.I am looking to get an land and home package in Six Mile Creek Collingwood Park Qld 4301.Please advise if area is good for living.Thanks !


Hi Chris and Nikki. Bottlebrush Cres, Redbank Plains is this a nice & quiet area?


Sam... Move to Karalee, better class of people! No offence to Redbank.


Hi Chris & Nikki - I am considering to invest my first IP in Redban Plains within the Edens Crossing estate. Since I am in VIC I am limited with my understanding of the area in terms of how the rental market goes for the area, a realistic rent that could be received for a newly built 4/2/2 house so that I could have my numbers close to the reality. Id greatly appreciate if you could please shed some light on this. Also I am hearing that the train station is 6 years away however the Ipswich council chair, has announced that Redbank Plains can not wait for the completion of the cross river rail project to finish and thus will be bringing the Redbank Plains station plan forward given the number of people are moving into RBP each quarter. Is this true or anything that you may know about this?


Yes ICC and Sekisui want to bring the train forward for Ripley. That will give us a train station at Redbank Plains. Pretty good value at the moment _ still can get acreages with a livable house on it for early 400k. It's a dream!


Hi Chris and Nikki, I am looking at buying a house in French Court. Do you know if that are is ok for families? I can see is near Henty Drive which seems to have a bad reputation? Do you have any insights please? Which parts of Henty Drive are not good if any? Thanks a lot.

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