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East Devonport

"A quiet little place with lots of friendly people"

I have lived in East Devonport since 2011. It is a quiet little suburb of some 4,500 people. It has some of the best examples of the houses of old Devonport still standing , parks, beaches and good walking tracks. Our local primary school is considered one of the better ones in the general area, we have the best bakery by a country mile ( and it is open 24 hours a day), a good medical practice, chemist, the best butcher in Devonport and no parking meters in the shopping village. The little ferry is a great way to head across the river, and the cost is about what it costs for parking your car in town. Unfortunately we are stuck with an old myth that crime is rampant here and it is a dangerous place to live. Why people have to perpetuate such rubbish is beyond me. That there are who wish to denigrate their own town and their fellow Tasmanians is also beyond me. I think they should go and try living in some of those suburbs in the big mainland cities where is real concern about serious crime.

East Devonport is a great place to live !

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