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Banksia Grove

"Middle of nowhere"

We are a family of two small children and since moving to Banksia Grove we are constantly stressed. There are a high number of rentals which do not seem to attract good tenants. There are people doing burn outs and parties in and around us almost every weekend. Seriously there are signs posted saying "high risk break in area". We struggle for take aways, petrol and food from about Friday night as nothing here!!! You have to drive to Wanneroo (about 10 mins) or Currambine for fuel, IGA or decent takeaways. The neighbours are not friendly and there are too many cashed up young people buying small villas and not caring about their home. If you drive around you will notice really rough streets (Ghost Gum Bvd) and the local primary school has a BAD reputation. Our mobiles always cut out and the parks are mediocre and make you feel very unsafe. Honestly keep looking as I have been on the phone to the police over various matters about 6 times in one year!!!! Not a place to raise young kids!! Recently we attended the community meeting and about half a dozen residents turned up which really explains the area.

Great for

  • Rents are cheaper than most suburbs

Not great for

  • Will end up a slum as a lot of housing condensed in a small area

Who lives here?

  • Singles
  • Students

I assume that you are in the "old" part of Banksia Grove, the new part being developed is absolutely different to the old area. The new area has strict building regulations and my drive throughs at night to check out the activity have shown an orderly, well maintained family orientated suburb with extensive building going on however the stigma of the old established area still taints the entire suburb, most unfairly in my opinion.
We are presently in Carramar,near Pinjar Rd but have bought a block in one of the new sections of Banksia Grove and will start building as soon as possible, we have no fears about the reputation carried by Banksia Grove as we believe that in time the good will dominate the bad. It seems that every street, no matter where you live, has at least one bad element but hopefully these will be few and far between in the new area. It seems that all the negative comments are from residents in either the part of Banksia Grove to the south of Joondalup Drive and/or the old established part while the positive comments are from residents in the newly established areas.


Hi JohnDee we are on Ghost Gum Bvd not too far from you and in a new home.

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