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7th November 2020

"A beautiful country town with lots to offer"

You can buy a lovely 3 bedroom house with about 800sqm - 1000sqm of land for around $300K within walking distance of town centre, schools and amenities. Lots of new interest and new investment in this pretty town. Seems lots of new buyers are in the 25 - 45yo age group, buying well priced properties with space and room to move. Most of the streets are tree lined with period homes from 1930's and 1940's. We purchased a beautiful 1940's classic timber home with gorgeous original features on 900sqm of land for $270K, we put in a new kitchen and small modern extension at the back. There are 4 good supermarkets, Target, KMart, Mitre 10, Paramount cinema, some quirky little shops in and around the main street. Some great restaurants and cafe's in the main street and a few nice quaint pubs with beer gardens that are dog friendly. A choice of schools. Lovely golf course and renovated golf club and lots of things to do for outdoor activity. Huge outdoor public pool in the town centre and good indoor pool with full gym at the leisure centre. Lovely lake in the centre of the town, with walking tracks and bike tracks. Exceptional tennis club and public courts. People seem friendly and greet you as you are walking. Lots of open air, trees and parks, children's play equipment, BBQ area's, football ground with gorgeous grandstand, caravan park at the lake and quite possibly the most adorable train station in regional Victoria. There are some gorgeous historic buildings that have been preserved and well looked after. Becoming more popular for tourists who wish to strike it rich with some gold mining or simply enjoy a drive to the country for the day or weekend. We moved from Melbourne for a tree change and wanted to ditch the huge city mortgage in exchange for a bigger house with more land for a lot less money. We've lived here for 1 year now and felt VERY blessed to live in such a beautiful safe and caring community during COVID. This was the best lifestyle change for us, couldn't ever see ourselves back in the CBD rat race working to pay off a huge mortgage again. We are a couple of empty nesters in our 40's with a tiny mortgage now, working from home remotely, and living a really happy and relaxed country inspired life.

Who lives here?

  • Families with kids

Hi there we are also looking to move to Maryborough empty nesters looking for a quieter life. You have answered a lot of questions for me. Just wondering if there is many community groups to join and what are the rates and water prices like there? Thanks


We visited Maryborough today and it seemed very sad and run down, with many elderly people around ? You mentioned that there were a lot of younger people moving there - just wanted to re-confirm that? Can anyone advise? Thank you!


Hi Clareh9, yes there are indeed a lot of young people buying/and or returning to the town in the last two years. Although over time a lot of homes have been run down they are very reasonably priced and ideal for a young person/ couple who wish to renovate. The town is about to reopen IGA giving it all four major supermarkets to choose from. We have most major takeaways with talk of hungry jacks soon to join. A small modern cinema, many sporting and hobby groups. An outdoor pool in summer that is about to be renovated with a skatepark to join. Beautiful parks and reserves and a fair amount of industry in the town. Only 50mins from both Ballarat and Bendigo and two hours from Melbourne. Anything else you would like to know ?:-)

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