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Anyone who's lived in Dandenong or Frankston in VIC, this is worse. Sure, there are many parks for your kids to play at, but they are highly unsafe unless you go with a group of people (I know from experiences). We constantly hear yelling and drug/alcohol fuelled arguments from neighbours. There have been break ins next door. The shopping strips and centres look outdated, dodgy and ghetto like. Even the feel of Eagleby/Beenleigh is ghetto like. It's one of the safer areas in Logan but I don't feel safe here at all, especially with a toddler to look after. Socially speaking, nightlife is non existent. There's not much to do at all. A very quiet and slow paced area. Quite boring.

Great for

  • Leafy green suburb
  • On the way to everywhere in the South East

Not great for

  • Outdated and Unsafe
  • Low class
  • High Crime
  • Eagleby has a stigma from the old days

Who lives here?

  • Singles
  • Retirees

Did you buy there and do you regret it. Are there any other shops that are modern? I wouldnt expect there to be a nightlife but I am worried about the safety how bad is it?


Sorry for the late response but put it this way: I'm taking my little one and we're moving somewhere safer and family friendly. It's a great area for investment possibilities...but not to live, especially with children. This is lower than average class...


I must also mention that our drug addicted neighbours randomly threw stones and rocks at our roof whilst my little one was playing outside.
Apparently, they annoy everyone...but they're not the only horrible neighbours. Dont get me wrong, there are lots of lovely people and neighbours, but overall, it is a very slummy area. I took my little one to a well known, large, nearby park with some friends a few weeks ago. We were surrounded by Detectives and Police within minutes, telling us to get our kids away, as there was a dangerous man on the loose - it was on the news.

And to answer your question, it is our own home, not rented...but we're still moving.


Sorry, I left out another question. There is a large shopping centre about 10mins away, off the freeway/motorway which is decent, named Hyperdome, with movies, great play areas for the kids etc. There is also Beenleigh Marketplace for groceries. There is a slummy looking complex where IGA is and another complex with Coles, which they're currently trying to renovate and modernise.


Hi, we have been living in eagleby for almost 3 years. They said it is as bad as Mt Druitt in Sydney but my family completely disagrees. I have gone out alone or with the kids or with my husband and have never experienced one negative event with anyone. Our neighbours from left to right have become like family to us and always look out for us and our home when we're away. Even one lost dog could make all of us neighbours go driving around just to help in finding. I often leave my doors unlocked too when running errands and got no spare keys to get back in - not one break in. We seriously love our community here and we've made such beautiful memories with the people around us. Cost of living is fair and can get away with tight budgets, based on our own experience in the past during hardships. There is Hyperdome 15mins away, Beenleigh Marketplace 10mins away (train station is also here), and that complex where Coles is that's also about 10mins away is now fully renovated. There is a local shop that has IGA, take away shops, clothing shop, bakery, chemist, salons, medical clinic, petrol station, 7/11, butcher, etc, and it's in Eagleby.


I agree. I lived there for 5 year with two little kids. I did not experience anything awful. Granted, it is not the rich suburb, but it's safe enough for young family to live in. The fact the average of the suburb is a few years younger than the national average seems to tell something.


I meant to say agree with alicej2


I purchased a nice neat abd tidy home in Eagleby in 2015, I have previously been a real estate agent for 10 years on the southern Gold Coast. I have been pleasantly surprised at the very convenient lifestyle that this location has offered. It has been handy to be positioned between both Brisbane and the Gold Coast with everything you need just a short drive. The people are friendly, sure its certainly a cheaper suburb yet look at what you can get for your money. I have bought and sold real estate in many different suburbs and honestly bad neighbours can be anywhere. I have always felt safe, I like my neighbours and feel that it is a suburb that offers so much For example there is plenty of work in the area. Plenty of Industry, Great public transport, nice parks, childcare centres , schools and many different community organisations.


I am living in eagleby more than a year now. I have 3 young kids have no issue at all. Nice place to live, we goes to park and shopping complex feel safe. Good and bad everywhere. Lots of people have bad experience in different places too like I had in coomera, if anyone ask me about coomera, i will say it is shit place to live. These short of things depands on every individules, drug / alcohol its everywhere now a days.I know my neighbours and they are nice too, one of them here for last 60 years. They said lots changed last 10 years and now same like other suburbs. It is safe and quite place to live as per our experience.


Agree i lived there no wonder it's cheap. Drug addiction neighbours gave me problems too. Loud music harrassed stalked abused.

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