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"Great place to live in the Older areas"

Tarneit is quite a large suburb, There's the city side which is closer to Morris Rd and then there is the back side beyond Tarneit Rd.
Currently from the east to the west side of Tarneit can be around 10 min by Car. The older parts of the suburb now have a bit more infrastructure, plenty of schools, places for take out dinners, food shopping etc. As for the newer parts I gather that is all still in development. My neighbours are nice and tend to help each other as there are less renters in the older parts of Tarneit. Overall I quite happy living here and its great to know that if we ever have kids Westbourne collage and Thomas Carr Collage would be my first options. A new police station was built a little over a year ago on the corner of Derimut and Sayers roads opposite the BP service station which is handy. A great place to live:) Also the Older parts generally have larger blocks as well which is nice.

Great for

  • New house
  • 30 minutes from city
  • Railway Station under construction
  • Parksand Recreations and child care centers
  • Plenty of Schools

Not great for

  • No close places for a drink eg bars or coffee shops but Point Cook is close
  • At the moment nead to take a Bus to the nearest Railway station

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Country Lovers
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