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"What you make of it"

I moved to Caboolture a lwhile ago now. After a few years I realised many people have this stigma about the place, but it is really what you make of it. If you go looking for horrible things you will find them in any town or city. This isn't just a low socio economic status area. Although a lot people here are not the wealthiest, a lot of them are very easy going.
I attended Caboolture High and it really is not a bad school. I remember when we would go play inter-school sports and most schools would be scared of us. Afterwards their couch would say how surprised they were at how sporting and fair we played. This is the stigma most people have of the place. Once you get to know it and fit in you'll enjoy visiting the range of activities you can engage in on weekends. It is close to beaches, themes parks (sunshine coast and gold coast), the bush and Brisbane. There is also a large verity of sports and leisure activities to get into. If you want to be a part of the community, signing up to a club is the best way to go. You will make many friends who enjoy playing sport and this will help keep you active and occupied as Caboolture is a very sporting town.
I know many people say everyone is on drugs, smokes and parties all night, but most of the kids don't party all that much. All these stereotypes about sirens heard at night, low income families running wild and getting mugged at night isn't true pr is a true tpo the next town. Like every town there are those streets which are dangerous. Most of the people are friendly and I found if you are polite and respect the place, many other people catch on and start being nice too. With everyone judging the people who live here it is hard not to go along with them and be negative about the place. I know many people who aspire to do great things and go to university. There happens to be a QUT near Central Lakes too.
In Caboolture there are a lot of state and private schools. The only problem with Cabooltire SHS is some negative teachers, though this is probably universal. There are also a few skate parks, bike tracks, fishing spots, water and swimming holes, local pools, PCYC and many extracurricular activities to get evolved in.
The downside of Caboolture is the super council which is run as the Moreton Bay Region. This council spendsa lot of the rates on Redcliff (local beach-side city), whilst Caboolture and other parts of the Moreton Bay Regions suffer losses in infrastructure and repairs.
The great thing about Caboolture is it is a small city ready to boom along with its neighbouring towns. Transport to Brisbane is quick and easy, access to the Bruce Highway is close to many small suburbs. Yet you can still have large acreage and keep farm animals such as horses and chickens. Please do not let those few negative people turn you away from a nice town.
If you want to invest in houses, then Caboolture is the place to go. There are a lot of families looking for rentals and the prices for houses are starting to rise with the moving economy.
Caboolture is under the Longman district and if you are into politics you can easily see Wyatt Roy around the place, not just during his campaigns. It is easy to have you say on how you feel the place can improve.
Although Caboolture is a nice place, if you want a more rural feel, some nice neighbouring towns such as Elimbah, Wamuran and Pumicestone could be more suited to you.
Overall, Caboolture is not as bad as a lot of people make it out to be. There are lots of things to do other than getting drunk and partying all night. There is also a large range of animals to see and Centenary Lakes is a nice spot to feed the local ducks (take chicken feed and lots will come right to your feet).
I know Caboolture isn't the place for everyone, but it does not deserve to be judged so negatively. I hope you all find the place you are looking for.

Great for

  • Large varity of wildlife
  • A major university nearby
  • Very sporting
  • All basic shopping needs are nearby
  • Access to beaches, fishing and parks
  • Lots of pubs and taverns
  • Great shopping
  • Lots of schools and daycare facilities

Not great for

  • Are a lot of burnouts on the road
  • Roads are a bit outdated
  • Under a super council

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • Tourists
  • Students
  • Country Lovers
  • Beach Lovers

thank you,i am glad to speak to someone who actually lives there.we are from coffs harbour and ill health is making our son and family anxious and suggested that caboolture might be a nice place,close to them at brisbane,and he has recently been transferred up that way while still living in brisbane.can i ask about medical help?or is there a place i should be looking for with that information?i hope that there are a lot more people like you there,that would be really nice,even if my husband and myself are older.thank you ,kerrie.


Hey all, looking to move here, can I get an honest appraisal of Caboolture , have 3 young boys 10 12 & 14


I have lived here since 2002. Brought a house for $247, 000 and I brought in the high cycle. It has taken a long time for house prices to rise . In the last 6 months the prices have risen a lot. A few real estate agents have told me that houses are going under contract (some on the same day) especially within 10 mins from the CBD. Buy now as the prices will keep rising due to the new Cab West Development that is being built.


is there any public transport avalible in the area and is it easy to get around without a car?

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