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Brisbane (CBD)
24th February 2020

"Brisbane stands for boring"

I decided to write on here because I googled BRISBANE NIGHT LIFE with a review of Brisbane City having 24hr night life which is complete total lie, you will find about three 24hr restaurants in Brisbane city. I lived here my whole life, being in my 30s now and nothing has changed. Has always been the same boring brisbane. Dont get caught after 10pm in Brisbane, anyone out after that time is bascially labelled a criminal or drug dealer to the QPS. Look out if your in a group of more than 3 ,especially with tattoos get your tatts taken photos of and get questioned about being affiliated. Only real late night option of food is maccas where you can find every 4kms from each other. In conclusion there is no night life here and if your down for a boring night out wondering around not knowing what to do cos there nothing to do, make sure you have some sort of story cos without one your a suspect of crime. In conclusion Brisbane requires you to be at home in bed by 9.00pm and no night life what so ever, 100%


This is so so true about being indoors by 9pm & this is epidemic all around Australia communism and socialist governments


Brisbane heat can get unbearable at times. Leaving your windows slightly open for air is an on the spot fine. Vehicles must be secured and locked if the driver is more than 3 meters from the vehicle, failer to do so is a penalty of $44.


Brisbane is an awesum place to live with lots of things to see n do

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