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"Black Spot"

Blakeview is far from an ideal suburb to live in. It is a known internet blackspot and has patchy mobile reception. There are plenty of hoon drivers that get around the main roads and back streets. A total lack of parks for kids and there are no local shops unless you want to go to the Munno Para shopping centre which is located in Smithfield. The same goes for medical treatment and most other things. There is nothing great about Blakeview and it is becoming nothing but a cheap and nasty area.

Who lives here?

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I have no problem with internet access or mobile access and I live in this area.


ill informed? negative? pessimistic? upset that life isnt all you hoped it would be? inaccurate post!


Mike81 - I think it is you who is ill informed. Areas of Blakeview are in a Telstra Rim - hence a lack of internet. As for hoon drivers, have a look at the flowers on Craigmore Rd after a hoon driver took the life of another person by Knightsbridge estate at the beginning of September. Pessimistic, probably but get your facts right before you mouth off. No wonder houses don't sell around here. People want to read the truth, not some glossy sales agent pitch.
Zebra987 - Blakeview is quite a big area, just because you get internet and mobile access, people reading here might like to know that there are problems and would be best informed to check these things before buying. Skope.


Thanks skope you said what i was thinking "glossy sales pitch". I too have internet and mobile issues, wish i had have known about it before i moved here!!


Lots of parks, plenty of playgrounds, excellent Internet in most parts (only small areas on rim or pair gain) and who gives a stuff about mobile reception...get a proper phone line.


I am not offwering a glossy sales pitch !!!! I am a resident and have been for 11 years and I have had no problem with mobile access or Internet I certainly have not seen hoon drivers as you say. I have sold a house in Blakeview and bought a new house in Blakeview, in my 11 years of living here. yes sadly a guy was Killed on Craigmore road but hay this happens in the best of Areas. you see it all the time on the news!!!! I always thought Para hills was a good area utill I lived in Para hills and got broken into, to find out after half my neighbours had also been broken into!!! I am very happy with living in Blakeview, had no problems at all!! and will as a home owner defend it. have you Skope actualy lived here I think alot of negative people live in all areas. I am happy to say I am a very Positive person, and live a good life becouse I remain positive and avoid negative people as they will see the negative in everything in Life.

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