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"Best Investment/Residential property"

My comments may get lost right in middle of so many mixed views, but still I will try to summarize my experience. When I was looking for land to build property around Melbourne, I shortlisted far of south-east (Clyde, Officer etc.,), Northern suburb i.e., Wollert and West which is Truganina. Finally I settled with Truganina for below reasons:

a. We have 24 hours in a day. 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep and remaining 8 hours for ourself and family. Among the 8 hours which we we have for family, I really don't wanted to spend 4 hours in just traveling in train by buying property in Clyde etc., where it takes soo long to commute.

b. When I asked around some old-timers staying in South eastern suburbs, they said that they never expected the property price grow up. Which means one or the other day the property prices of Western suburbs will go up and there will be quality of living for sure.

c. I enquired PTV about increasing the transport (You can do it too, Just send a general enquiry, they will reply promptly with valid data). They confirmed about proposed train station and it will happen soon. They are just waiting for more passengers to increase and to accumulate more tax money from Wyndham council, which their logic sounded fair.

d. As the properties are affordable now, I see lot of beautiful houses built, which among most are double storey with beautiful facade, don't you think collection of such amazing houses one day will make an amazing looking street?

e. Yes, there are influence of house break-in and other notorious activities, but if you compare the crime statistics which is freely available in Victoria police page, it has considerably reduced. And to answer all hippo-crates who have invested in South eastern suburbs and calling Western suburb crap, know your country history.

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