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  • Childcare
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  • Medical facilities
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  • Public transport

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Reviews of Westfield, WA

"A suburb of changing fortunes..."

Well....I"m not sure that its fortunes have changed, but this is a suburb that has changed - several times. Westfield doesn't really exist anymore - it is now called Camillo. Camillo is on google maps, but it isn't recognised on here, Street Advisor. In 2008, Westfield was renamed Camillo and it is really simply another part of Armadale, as far as most people are concerned. Prior to being part of Armadale, Westfield was part of Kelmscott - the shift was made in 1978. For more details check out the many areas of Armadale on google maps or reviews - over the past few years there have been a lot of changes in the Armadale area.

Great for

  • New developments in Armadale.

Not great for

  • Confusion over name changes.
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