Widdop Crescent, Hampton East, VIC 3188

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Ranked 1st best street by locals in Hampton East, VIC

Great for

  • Childcare
  • Medical facilities
  • Parking
  • Parks and recreation
  • Peace and quiet

Not great for

  • Nightlife
  • Eating out
  • Shopping options

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families With Kids
  • Retirees
  • LGBTQ+

Reviews of Widdop Crescent, Hampton East

"First Time Buyers Dream"

The street is wide beautiful, surrounded by trees, and I look forward to getting home from work every day.

It is not as dynamic as say living in Brunswick East, or Fitzroy, but we have made a choice that we would like to start a family, and the quietness and privacy.
We love our backyard and having a BBQ with freinds over the weekend.

Not too faraway from Blue Dish for a great coffee and a meal, or Southland for a bit of shopping and a movie night out.

It has many parks and it is such a joy to go fro a walk or a ride and not be scared you will be attacked. We have had no robberies, Yet when I lived in Brunswick East, we robbed three times in less than 3 years.
I would feel safe leaving my front door unlocked or opened for air in this neighbourhood...and not having to triple check that all the traps for anti -theft are in place. This street is peaceful and calming. Wonderfull!

Though the commission flats are near-by, and this is a No No in some people's books, let me tell you, they are very nice people too, just trying to live their life or have a normal childhood....there is no evidence or links of violence in our neighbourhood, we have not had once the police pull over for an incident in the 10 years I have lived here.

Great for

  • Blue Dish for tasty treats
  • Parks
  • Close to PT

Not great for

  • Not enough groceries, but close to Southland
  • No nightlife

Who lives here?

  • Professionals
  • Singles
  • Families with kids
  • Retirees
  • LGBT+
  • Beach Lovers
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"Housing Commision Estates Equals Messed-up, Weird & mostly drug using idiots!"

Basterfeild Park or as those close to it call it the duck pond is seriously the best thing about this street. I would say 95% of the people residing in either the leith cresent or bluff road housing commision estates are comple imbiciles who use whatever drugs they can obtain, mostly prescription pills, that have no idea what respect (for a start) means. Then they get bored or who knows what and start fights often resulting in the police being called.The other 5% are legitimally decent people and I really feel that they should not have to live amongst these animals. Department Of Housing...DO SOMETHING!!!
Unfortunately, my toddler, partner and myself have lived here for more than 3 years.
For the people in private housing living close to these estates as we know no-one seems prepared to fix any problems. Everyone had an opinion about heritage listing the leith cresent/terrens close estates a year or so ago. But, I only read one opinion written by someone on the estate...the rest were written by private householders. I can't stand these living conditions so I'm going into private rental far, far away A.S.A.P. Thanks.


I've never read anything more ridiculous in my life.

I've lived on the street for the last ten years and have only positive things to say. The street is delightful. The sweeping hill and greenery are great. There are 10 parks within 1kilometre. Athletics, soccer, football, cricket, baseball, tennis and general recreation grounds are within a tiny stroll. This is a sport buff's street.

The street is central to everything in the suburb. So all medical, childcare, recreational, shopping facilities in the suburb are within a short walk.

Nights are very quiet as cars cannot hoon about - due to the speed humps. Take a look who the neighbours are - most street dwellers are retirees, families or working professionals. The demographics of the street have vastly changed over the years.

The commission flats are extremely tame when compared to more affluent locales - Richmond, Carlton, Prahran. The majority of the tenants are aged pensioners, not rabble-rousers.
When I lived in, Fitzroy, my car got vandalised twice in one week. The commission residents in Hampton East are not like this, and I've never seen an incident involving the police.

This is a great, quiet, family-friendly street.


Okay I just read your response to my reveiw. Where do I begin??. You have NEVER seen the police at this (Leith Cresent, Terrens Close & Keith Street) housing estate? In 2008, my ex-partner badly assaulted me in clear veiw of everyone as it happened out the front, but since 90% of the "pleasent" tenants ARE on oxycontin, MS & other prescription pills and are in their own drug induced slumbers, not one person assisted. In the 6 years I have unwillingly lived here I see the police drive in and out about 4 times a week...MINIMUM!! I would at least LIKE to be able to say "....the residents in Hampton East are not like this.....never seen police..." but they are not. They are people who care only for themselves and how they can get more drugs in them. The majority of residents ARE NOT AGED PENSIONERS rather the majority are single parents receiving the full amount that Centrelink can offer them and then they have their partner also claiming ,usually, a disability pension therefore ripping off millions of Australians who pay for for their payments. At the same time Department Of Housing only has the mother and child on the tenancy agreement so they pay the absolute minimun. I DO AGREE, however, that yes it has beautiful surroundings such as the infamous "Duck Pond", is closeby to everything that Moorabbin/Hampton East has to offer. As I sit typing this, it sounds like two people, are yelling and screaming...many who reside here have Intervention Orders against their neighbour, which to me is ridiculous since an order 99% of the time orders that each person named on such an order must not come any closer to one another than 50 (and upwards) metres. My 'motto' has always been, 'Be Polite & say hi' to others who live here and thats it! Things I have heard people here talking about especially if it is about another person are ludicris! EG. Just last week I was watching my child riding her bike and I said something like 'Hey, stop being a showoff' in a jokingly way and then noticed my neighbour walking past me down the stairs..all of a sudden her boyfriend was standing next to me accusing me of calling his girlfriend a showoff, he was standing over me but as I am used to this behaviour from people here I looked straight at him and told him that I had in fact called my child, not his girlfriend a showoff. The only way I can explain living here is it is as if you are in a prison except you can come and go as you please. I feel sorry for the few older people as they also have to put up with fights, punch ons and worse but cannot defend themselves at least I can run fast enough to get in my flat and lock the doors. The rest of the street is most likely families or working professionals. I am quite sure the rest of the street is a quiet, family-friendly street. Perhaps you should try living here for two weeks...I can assure you that you would then have the same disturbing comments and thinking of this place as I do. Just to clarify I am referring to and talking about Widdop Cresent, Terrens Close, Leith Cresent and Besant Street. I believe the estate on the corners of Widdop Cresent, Wickam Road and Bluff Road are the same as far as drug use and violence occurs...I really do wish I could honestly write only positive things about this estate unfortunately I would then be lying...
By A Tenant Who Currently Resides At This Estate


Regarding Public Housing: it all depends on where you are located in relation to these type of estates. If you in a private house across the road and down a few houses, you may not experience anything.
If you are in a private house close to the estate, i.e. directly across or backing onto, then you might have a very different experience from your neighbours.
If, on the other hand, you live in the estate, the experience can be starkly different from your private neighbours.
I live on the Ascot Vale Public Housing estate, and it has deteriorated badly since the late 1990s. A few factors that have contributed to this are: increased population in general, higher private rental costs, lack of new public housing, increase in refugees needing housing, and the removal of independent tenant groups by Kennett Govt. in mid 1990s.
I grew up from 1974 on the Ascot Vale estate, and it was a safe pleasant place, but not anymore.
The Victorian Government has the right idea. Demolish all the old estates, and build new mixed private/public buildings.
I am sorry for the lady in the previous comments. I know exactly what it is like.


I have to agree with Yakuza. I live on Widdop Cres between both Housing Estates but it is a Dept of housing house that is causing me most of the grief. A woman with a toddler and baby who has a revolving door of drug dealing men. Clients in pimped up cars and losers dragging their soulless bodies in and out for a buy. They leave stolen trolleys and garbage bins spewing full of dirty nappies on other peoples nature strips because they dont care. Ive seen it and have experienced it. I dont know who to call out of shear fear. I wish for nothing more than to move far, far away.


Missm3 does that mean you would not recommend buying property on Wickham road?? Sounds horrendous.

Sharon Tan
Sharon Tan

Does anyone know if the govt has firm plans to redvelop the Hampton East public housing sites along Cooke Ave?


I live in the housing commission here, its not that bad other then the druggos and the fights at night, The fights do be very loud and it might be hard to sleep.

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