What is the best cafe in Williamstown?

I spend a bit of time in Williamstown, my favourite is crowded house, and the pickle barrel is alright but looking for some more. Any suggestions ?
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Terry is somewhat right there, but there are still some picks in the area that are great, and for different reasons too.
"Crowded house" in Ferguson is very popular because the food tastes and looks great, not to mention the owners are the kids from Hobsons Bay fish n chip shop across the road. They've been local their whole life! Mostly a younger crowd too.
"Provisions" in Ferguson Street too is amazing as well. Very different though. Think Deli style with hearty food and standard, but decent coffee. Family crowd here and they are very accommodating.
Like Provisions, "Odd Spot" on Melbourne road is somewhat the same, but away from the grind. THey have rebranded themsleves recently and are more modern and seem to pride themselves on being healthy style food with a clean, but warming atmosphere. young professionals and young families come here, with some more mature families as well.
"Pint of Milk" on Douglas Pde is one of the newer places, (technically Newport, but very close) and serves modern style breakfast and amazing coffee. This is away form the hustle and bustle of the busy areas of Williamstown. So don't discount it. Mainly younger and young professional couples go here.
If you're in the area of those last two, I would consider visiting "Nosh" , which is next to Newport Train Station. It's very different to all the others. It's got a urban feel with it's old Op shop style furniture and rustic food style. Similar to something you would find in Fitzroy, rather than Newport. You will still find your favourites on the menu though.

I would avoid Nelsons Place, Rents are expensive for business owners, which makes for expensive meals, and lower quality produce. Though if you are after the scenery and history of the area, rather than the food, then walk along have have a look along the strip. There are some nice looking places. Tic Tok, Hobsons Choice and there are a couple other good for that. :)


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Some good tips there! Crowded House has always been good for us, we have found the service to be good. Although sometimes it's a little too busy and we have to sit outside. There is a new one that has just opened up opposite Altro called 'Crimson Bear' haven't been in yet but they have the right look and feel about them. They seem to be very health focused, and protein orientated. It took over the Lulu Katon cafe. Has anyone tried Piccolo? I've heard that is sensational, especially for their coffee. Any other suggestions??

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

I'd go with Pickle Barrell. But honestly, you are better getting in the car and driving ten minutes to Seddon, there are some great cafes there including Common Galaxia.

The opinions expressed here are those of the individual and not those of Homely.com.au.

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