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Wolli Creek

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Apr 26, 2019

"Used to be a nice suburb but it's getting worse by the month"

I've been in WC 2.5 years and it's amazing how quickly the place has degenerated/ developed in that time.
We have a new building popping up every other month, sunlight is becoming a rarity and there is constant construction noise by day and backpackers partying all night.
Being so close to the city, I know that you have to give up on inconveniences but it seems that most people that live here just aren't "communal living" folks. Trash is everywhere, people simply don't do the right thing and leave broken glasses here and there, trash chute is jammed every other day and wayward trolleys and bikes are left, right and centre.
It feels like a place that no-one is thinking to stay long and therefore they just don't care about respecting others or communal property.

I'm looking to move out actually.
One pro would be that there is abundant Chinese food but this is something I'd sacrifice for some quiet now and then.
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  • Public Transport 5/5
Jan 31, 2018

"Proximity to CBD-at the cost of overdevelopment, crowding, narrow streets, not pedestrian friendly"

Been a resident here since 2008 - first as a renter then as an owner occupier since 2011 and Wolli Creek has changed a lot. Whilst its proximity to the CBD, airport and excellent transport links (2 independent train lines) make it a fantastic suburb location wise this has also caused its main issue - overcrowding and over development. As of writing -Feb 2018- there are still 5 construction sites going meaning trucks, trucks, noise and dirt everywhere.
Local council ignores the suburb- unless you are based in Discovery Point - which is a complex-prepare to get absolutely nothing in return for your council fees. Pedestrian walkways are neglected (no money spent on them since 2008), even to get the grass cut is a 2week effort of complaining and escalating to council (Discovery Point gets manicured grass!).
NBN is in the suburb -but not to every complex, however ADSL is decent. Mobile phone reception on the other hand is almost non existent indoors - since 2017 when population increased 2xfold and neither of the big providers are willing to invest in building a tower to cater for the increased demand.
The suburb has a Wollies, but it will be demolished -making way for another 15storeys of highrise, with an Aldi anticipated to open -has been in progress for the last 7years :) - on a street that is already too narrow, without adequate street lighting.
Walking in Wolli Creek is possible - if you are able and don't require any support. As mentioned the pedestrian walkways are neglected and in dire need of renovation - most are exposed to sun meaning there is not even a tree to give one shade, sometimes have cars and trolleys parked on them or "stormwater" and other "stuff" creating a stream that you need help or a bridge to cross - but there is no bridge. The pathway under the railway bridge is narrow (2 adults cannot fit side by side) so you will find yourself having to walk on the road - dodging on coming traffic -including trucks.
In terms of "community spirit" it is non-existent outside of Discovery Point. If you are a resident in Discovery Point you will get access to plenty of community activities and groups however other complexes and streets are not so lucky - one reason for that is the high %of renters.
Food options wise this area is trying to lift its game, however 95% of the places are fast -food Asian cusine (Chinese, Vietnamese, Sushi etc.) there is a small cafe (closing at 3pm) and a burger place serving (dominantly) non-Asian food. Some of the food places do not even provide a menu in English - only in Mandarin....
Bad driving is also an issue in the suburb due to multiple factors. First of all the local streets are too narrow for the amount of traffic generated by the over-development, so prepare to be stuck in jams when driving in and out of the suburb (only 2 routes!) during peak hours (morning, evening, weekend). Second, due to the close proximity to the airport many use the suburb's street to store their car, blocking streets. Third, again due to the close proximity to the airport we get many tourists who just picked up their rental car and make it Wolli -alive- to rest and recover and figure out where -and how-to go next - some of them barely aware of the basic rules such as driving to the left and giving way to the right. Fourth, there is some "hoon" behaviour going on - narrow streets with some minor hills give an excellent opportunity to "test and rev one's car". Fifth, the suburb is used by trucks as an "escape route"and "coffee stop" on their way to and from airport and the port. Add to this bus and minivan traffic linked to car dealerships on Princess Hwy and you got yourself the picture of a "industrial-residental-busy-inner Sydney - suburb"
5/5 rating details
  • Neighbourly Spirit 5/5
  • Safe & Sound 5/5
  • Pest Free 5/5
  • Peace & Quiet 5/5
  • Parks & Recreation 4/5
  • Internet Access 5/5
  • Parking 4/5
  • Resale or Rental Value 5/5
  • Public Transport 5/5
  • Medical Facilities 5/5
  • Childcare 5/5

"Hidden gem waiting to be shined"

Slowly developing area very close to the city and Newtown eats. It has good access to train lines and transport. There is a major anchor business (Woolworths) opening up in Wolli Creek. Nearby IKEA Tempe is also opening later this year and will certainly put the area on the map! Overall, the popularity of the place has taken off in recent years and continues to do so driving low vacancy rates and higher property prices.
  • Close to city, work and beaches
  • Has access to two trains lines
  • Modern feel, young professional area
  • Lack of major shops at present
  • Some areas of Wolli Creek still look industrial, need to clean that up
  • Lack of commercial development (eg. offices)
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  • Students
arbor new high rises are popping up there every few months, it is going to look like a packed public housing estate in hong kong. No visitor parking for any of your visitors. residents are parking in the Woolies car park 24/7, soon they are going to put a gate on and the party will be over. Enjoy your ever going up strata fees. Given so many people are moving in I think the facilities will not cope. Even internet will be slow, not to mention schools, parks, car parks, restaurants....
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