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Hi, I'm in my 20's and currently live in the 'lower/mid Mountains' and starting to think about where I would like to settle down. I am originally from the South Coast, near Jervis bay and I am finding that I am starting to miss the beachy lifestyle.
I love the mountains, but I feel there is just nothing to do, especially for kids and teens unless you want to go to Penrith and that gets very repetitive.
I do love the community though.
As a teacher, I can get a job almost anywhere as long as I am willing to commute so I am not worried about that.
I am also getting concerned about the fire risk up here in the Mountains.

I will be renting, and there are no cheap apartments in the mountains either. This is a factor for me.
I love visiting wollongong, but have noticed some areas look worse than others.

So what is your opinion? Coastal city lifestyle or quiet mountain lifestyle?

Thanks :)
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emmabrady 2yrs+
Coastal City life is a different experience. Every one is very relaxed and so friendly.
The children nearly all do nippers which is learning to swim and survive on the beaches.
The cafes and dining out life is beautiful set with gorgeous views.
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DavidM3 2yrs+
I am looking at the opposite of you right now and looking to move to the country life in the mountains...I live in Lake Heights near Warrawong its nice there in the little suburb and in the middle between Wollongong and Shelharbour but love Warrawong area as it has all the shops i need with Domayne, Harvey Norman etc...Port Kembla beach is a short drive and for me its the best beach in Wollongong ...

I am over the traffic here and how long it takes to get to places, working and having to travel in between clients has me driving at times 30mins between them, I will of course miss the beach here but am looking for a quieter life style and Blue mountains around Springwood looks ideal for me, rentals are expensive here as well so you cant escape that either...good luck
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brianb16 I can't really understand the comment about being over the traffic in Wollongong and swapping for a quieter experience re traffic in Springwood. The Blue Mountains is being spoiled by traffic and the constant buzz of heavy vehicles up and down the Great Western Highway 24/7. Wollongong is a piece of cake getting around compared to the Blue Mountains and the Sydney traffic it receives. Me thinks you need to investigate that a little more thoroughly to avoid disappointment.
Dec 28, 2020
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