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Hi we are young family with 2 kids ages 4 and 5, we are now living in Sydney but things are so expensive here. We decided to buy a house in Wyoming and rented it out for start. But I really love to move in. However I just want opinion of local people what do you think of raising children here, school, sport , activities ? My husband still need to travel for work to Sydney every day. Not sure if the right decision if we move in. But I definitely love the house and quiet area near Valley Vill
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Hello KanC, I also live in Wyoming & for quite some time I travelled to Sydney for work. I can tell you that it will take you about 10-15 minutes to get to the train station depending on traffic & then about 1 hour to Central station. Schools are good for both primary and high school - I do not have kids, but many of my friends do & they are happy with several sports teams in the area with all genres of sport well represented. Wyoming is a suburb that has benefited more than its neighbours from the growth in the property market recently as it is the first home-based residential suburb outside of Gosford. North Gosford & East Gosford are both medium density suburbs with mainly duplex or town-houses as the primary form of property.
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KanC Thanks so much for your answer , I really like the area I think it's great for family too.
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