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"Yarra Promenade, home of Crown Casino."

Yarra Promenade at Southbank overlooks the Yarra River with an amazing view of the Melbourne city skyline.

Most of the activity revolves around the spectacular restaurants of Crown Casino, including Rockpool, Guillaume, Silks and Nobu. Crown has become the restaurant mecca of Melbourne.

Every hour past 6pm you can see the fireballs erupting from the granite towers that live Yarra Promenade. They really are spectacular and worth the wait.

Not really a place to live in though, you can stay at Crown Towers but definitely one you will want to see as a tourist to Melbourne


Hi melbournefan,
Just curious -- what’s the cost of living in your part of the globe? How much is the petrol there?


Cost of living is getting high, average house prices would be about $400,000 with most people living on quarter acre blocks in the suburbs .The closer you get to the city the prices skyrocket. Homes within a few kilometres of the city exceed $1 million. Apartment living in Melbourne is starting to take off but you can get some smaller ones around $300-$500k. (unlike New York or other international cities city living is only a recent development here). You can pay up to $10 million for penthouses in the 90 storey Eureka Tower.

Melbourne is a hidden gem though, featured in a few films lately - Nicholas Cage is here now filming. Ghostrider was filmed here.

Petrol is getting very high, we pay about $1.70 per litre (not sure what that converts to gallon).


Thanks for the fellow-up information.

Your pictures reminded me of how much I miss city living as I currently live in a very rural part of the USA!

The housing market here in the US is suffering double-digit declines in many markets and the economist claim it’s the worst housing slump since the Great Depression, it’s not expected to get better anytime soon…

Gas here on average is over 4.00 per gallon & seems to go up daily along with food costs.

Indeed ~*~ we all have to take one day at a time!!!


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